Medical grade post-pregnancy compression garments by flats

Loosing weight and bouncing back into shape has been a major issue for new mothers. Unlike celebrity mothers every one can’t have personal trainers or dietitians to come back to their pre-pregnancy shape. Keeping this in mind, Flats belly wraps recently launched its medical grade abdominal compression garments.

This compression garment offers abdominal compression as well as, hips, buttocks and thighs. It has been designed as such that it helps to shrink post-pregnancy bellies and give new mothers their body back after a delivery.

Some of the features of this garment are:

– Delivers a smooth,even compression aiding the abdominal muscles back together after birth.

– Instantly reduces the wearer down at least one size,

– Reduces or eliminates the “pooch” of post-pregnancy stomach muscles due to muscle separation.

– Flats Belly Wraps can help to speed up the reduction of swelling & bloating by facilitating the reduction of excess blood that was necessary during pregnancy.

– Helps to tone skin and eliminate stretch marks by supporting loose skin.

The garment is made with a medical grade fabric that offer comfort, seamless and even compression. Flats provides new mothers with various choices tailored to fit their unique needs. It is available in 9 sizes and offers different style for every new mom.

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