Dengue alert in Mohali

Mohali, a city adjacent to Chandigarh has been alarmed with dengue threat. Health officials of the city are terrified, after it was suspected that Aedes mosquito larvae had been found in the open water containers and coolers.

Last year the city had a terrible experience with 211 people affected with this disease and tow dying due to it. officials are now strictly ensuring that any kind of water in coolers and open containers is drained.

According to health department, suspected Aedes mosquito larvae had been found in 30 houses and government offices. Health officials have also decided to bring this to the notice of Mohali deputy commissioner and request him to direct the government offices to use clean desert coolers and open containers.

District health officer SP Surila said 12 teams had been constituted to raise awareness among residents, which had got over 4,000 containers cleaned.

ai???The mosquitoes that transmit dengue live and breed in discarded tyres, flower pots, old oil drums and water storage containers close to human dwellings. Unlike the Anophelese variety, Aedes mosquitoes bite during the day,ai??? said Surila.

Source – TNN

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