First human vaccine trials for Swine flu

Australia witnessed the first human vaccine trials, which has been developed to combat swine flu. The biotechnology companies that have created this vaccine are ai???Vaxineai??? and ai???CSLai???. The test for this vaccine was carried out by both the companies. 300 people volunteered for the tests with Vaxine and 240 people for CSL .

CSL is testing the vaccine for next seven weeks. During this period, volunteers are needed to maintain a diary for six months. They have to record any kind of symptoms like nausea, increased temperature, swelling around the injection area etc.

If the vaccine and the test proved to be a success and effective, then Australian government has decided to launch a mass immunization programme immediately.

Swine flu has killed more than 700 people globally and sickened so many that WHO has stopped issuing a daily tally.


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