Top 10 Dangerous Dogs

Smaller dogs are considered potentially less dangerous than the larger ones by many. But it is not always so. Even friendly dogs, like beagles and dachshunds, can turn ferocious and inflict serious damage in certain unfortunate circumstances. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in excess of 4.5 million Americans suffer from dog bites annually. Together, Rottweilers, pit bulls and German shepherds are responsible for fifty percent of all dog bites.

Top 10 Dangerous Dogs
Here is the latest list of top 10 most dangerous dogs:

  • Pit Bulls:Ai??Pit bulls are known for their unpredictable and predatory behavior. They account for nearly one in every three serious dog bite injuries in America. The dog is known for his tendency to turn aggressive without prior warning; this has earned him the reputation as the number one most vicious dogs around. Moreover, when a pit bull bites, it hangs on to the victim without releasing its hold.
  • Rottweilers:Ai??Unlike pit bulls, Rottweilers are calm and aloof, but they are also fearless and alert. Known as butcherai??i??s dogs, they can turn dangerous when they are neglected, abused, or are given less training or socializing opportunities. Rottweilers are considered to possess the strongest bite force.
  • German Shepherd:Ai??This breed is mostly used by the military and police departments for their high intelligence and bomb-detection abilities. German shepherds are highly suspicious in nature. Some of the character traits displayed by German shepherds when they become aggressive are growling, barking, lunging, biting, and snapping.
  • Husky:Ai??Though huskies are mild-tempered and intelligent, they can be deadly dangerous if not properly trained. Because of their incredible energy, huskies are extremely persistent in whatever they do. This unique character trait can work both ways ai??i?? positively and negatively.
  • Alaskan Malamutes:Ai??Lovingly called ai???big teddy bears,ai??? the majority of malamutes are quiet in nature compared to other dogs. They are generally fond of people but are not generally known to cope so well with smaller animals and children.
  • Doberman Pinscher:Ai??This breed is truly majestic, having a tall and lean body. Temperament-wise, a Doberman is outstanding: aggressive without being vicious, determined without being stubborn. With proper training and care, a Doberman can be the best friend a man can have. The opposite is also equally true if one tries to rub this magnificent animal in the wrong way!
  • Chow Chow:Ai??Now here is a dog with a mind of his own! He does not desire to satisfy every need of his master like a Doberman or a golden retriever does. A chow chow also does not feel the need to respond to a run-of-the-mill dog training program. He believes in satisfying himself first. But try to inflict any physical punishment to him or his master, and this magnificent animal can react with intimidating ferocity and aggressiveness. It is said that this highly intelligent dog is unlikely to allow a stranger to enter into his ownerai??i??s house unchallenged.
  • Great Dane:Ai??Also known as a ai???gentle giant,ai??? a Great Dane is usually easy going and non-aggressive. But a Great Dane can also display a very stubborn and aggressive temperament. They are known to display their dominant nature towards other (same sex) dogs. A Great Dane with a bad temperament can be very hard to control and severely destructive.
  • Presa Canario:Ai??This large dog has a broad head and massive jaw power. This makes them attack their targets with a kind of viciousness that can bring down their victims with deep injury.
  • Tibetan Terrier:Ai??In spite of being known as a gentle family dog, one may want to avoid pestering this highly sensitive dog, because this gentle dog can turn ferocious. As a protector, they can be courageous, dominant, and powerful. Early socialization and obedience training are essential.

It is the care and training given by the owners that can largely influence how a particular dog will behave in a certain situation. The bottom line is every dog has to be understood and respected according to his or her own personality so as to enjoy a loving and peaceful existence.

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  1. People that are ignorant, & uneducated stereo type DOGS, PEOPLE, LIFESTYLE, anything that they don’t understand, or don’t want to. The main reason people think that what you call a pitbull is dangerous is that the news only seems to report bad things on them, & what IGNORANT people have done with them, by fighting them, not the good. I had 2 American Staffordshire Terriers that were trained as service dogs, but again IGNORANCE stopped them from doing their jobs. Go back to school & honestly look at what dog is the most dangerous, because I will tell you this IT SURE ISN’T THE PITBULL AS #1 + there are 2 types of pitbulls that I know of. The American Staffordshire Terrier is one of the most loyal dogs that I have been proud to own.

  2. One thing is sure. Neither pit bulls nor the German shepherds are dangerous. I had known these two kinds of dogs for a long time. They are calm and loyal. Unlike human beings animals become dangerous only when they are mistreated. So before writing articles of this kind, just have a thorough understanding about dogs. You are hurting some people’s feelings..

  3. I would like to see the references used to write this article. I just checked the CDC Website. They no longer will list dog bites by breeds, they state that the results are inaccurate when done that way.

  4. very informative post!!!

  5. very interesting and informative post.

  6. we had taken our pit to the vet and the vet says pits are very lovable dogs we have just moved to fl and we were looking for another place to live (where we at is very boring lol) anyways i have been looking and alot of people dont want to take big dogs mainly pits and shepards we cant take them they say because there dangrous people get a clue they are not unless you train them to be that way its the little ones you have to worrie about we have a little one he doesnt like to be bothered and he will let you know now the pit be want to play all the time loves people and loves kids he loves it when the kids chase him around the yard he runs from them sooooooooooooooooo all these people who think big dogs are dangrous needs to do some research before making them bad when there not

  7. Pitbulls are not mean at all, they are only mean if they are raised and trained that way by there owners. So many people are misinformed.

  8. i think that pit bulls arent that dangerous but some people fight them and dont show them love nor compassion and they will become more and more aggresive. DUH

  9. i work with dogs and this information is right, for the people who commented pit bulls are the most dangerous dogs but that doesnt mean they are all aggressive so chill out a bit this post is correct. Also this post is most dangerous, not most agressive, a small dog couldn’t kill you, a Great Dane could!

  10. This is a load of CRAP… By sheer size these dogs are listed as dangerous. Pits are people pleasers and known as the NANNY dog in Europe.

    ANY dog can be dangerous. Articles like this scare the crap out of people that are not dog saavy and end us up with BSL laws and many dogs being euthanized because of their fear.

    Someone needs to go back and do some more research and studies.

  11. Why would you guys think pit bulls are dangerous if they are treated right and well behaved then they would be kind. Am I right ? Right on john gilbert!


  13. i dont understand how anyone can say a dog is dangerous just from its breed – total crap!!! any dog can turn on human or animal if its fighting or anger sensers are stimulated.
    it is how the dog is raised and treated and how it respects its owner and how its owner respects it that shapes a dog’s charicta. any dog can be born twisted, but so can humans. Any janetics can be screwed up as a one off it isnt restricted to a breed just like it isnt restricted to a race of humans.

  14. where is caucasian ovcharka, bully kutta and others??

  15. u have nt heard about south indian dogs?

  16. In point of fact, facts you did not get correct, by the way, lbs. exerted bite force per breed: #1-Rottweiler at 328 lbs bite force, #2-German Shepherd at 238 lbs bite force, and #3-American Pit Bull Terrier at 235 lbs bite force. “Pit Bull” is NOT a breed; it is a misinformed “category” applied to everything from APBTs to Bulldogs! Do try to get your FACTS straight instead of pandering to the media’s sensationalism and perpetuating Breed Bias. Shame on you!

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