The Right Dress Code for Job Seekers

For job interviews, dressing appropriately is very much important. Your prospective employer makes the first impression of you based on how you appear to him or her. Appropriate dressing is an effective tool with which you can send across the impression that you are thoroughly capable to fit into the organization. Otherwise you may not even notice, but looking unprofessional can cost you the coveted job.

Dress Code for Job Seekers
For an interview it is important to know what to wear, and most importantly, what not to wear.

  • Suit: Generally cotton or silk suit in charcoal, dark grey, navy or black color is known to create the best impression. Clothes that shine may not be appropriate because it is not your intention to appear fashionable, but to look professional. Experts suggest that it can be good to wear a skirt suit when you are attending the first interview. For your second interview you may change your skirt with a pant.
  • Shoes: You may need to invest on a pair of good quality 1-2 inches shoes and right pair of socks to go with your pant or skirt. Though leather shoes are considered the best, you can also wear black shoes. Bright colored socks are not considered appropriate for interviews because you do not want to draw unnecessary attention to your socks.
  • Jewelry: In a corporate environment, it is best to keep jewelries to minimum. Though, you might spruce up your dress with tasteful brooch or classic jewelry.
  • Hair: It is always appropriate to look natural and neat on your interview day. So, you may want to wear a neat hair style and avoid using any wild hair colors.
  • Nails: Long colorfully designed nails can give the attention that you are more interested about your nails than on your work. It is always best to keep your nails short and well manicured.

Now, imagine yourself giving a firm handshake to your interviewer. Isnai??i??t it an exhilarating feeling? Thatai??i??s what the right dress gives ai??i?? it provides you with the much-needed confidence to face the interview.

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