Tips to Lead an Eco Friendly Life

Though many people are aware of the harmful health consequences of maintaining unhealthy occupational and recreational lifestyles, not many are aware of how their ways of living can hamper nature and their environment. Experts state that people can begin by making small differences at home: conserving electricity, curbing the wastage of water, and certainly by maintaining environmentally friendly kitchens and homes to protect nature.

Tips for an environmentally friendly home:
If you want to explore the ways of designing an environmentally friendly home, follow these tips:

  • While you are deciding on the details with your architect or looking out for a new house, be sure that the roof is well-insulated so that heat does not escape from the house into the environment.
  • Always check the coating or covering of the hot water tanks and cold water pipes.
  • Keep track of your thermostat. Experts claim that if you bring the heat down by only one degree, you can pay ten percent less on your bill.
  • Allow natural light to come into your home by including wide ventilators, windows, and accessible shades in your home.
  • Always sleep with closed curtains at night because this will help trap the heat inside instead of letting it out into the environment.

Tips for an environmentally friendly kitchen:
To maintain an environmentally friendly kitchen, heed the following tips:

  • Put on lids while cooking as this will make cooking faster and will also allow less heat to escape into the atmosphere.
  • Always boil on a lower flame because that helps in conserving energy.
  • Check that your gas flame is blue in color and not yellow. Get it checked if it isnai??i??t blue.
  • Never leave the refrigerator open for long as it uses more energy to re-cool.
  • Discard old refrigerators and purchase new ones as new ones have the capacity to save about seventy-five percent of the energy otherwise lost by old refrigerators.
  • Ensure that the waste peels of fruits and vegetables, teabags, etc. are discarded into the soil in your garden for recycling or for natural reprocessing.

Other tips to live an eco-friendly life:
Experts cite some other tips to live a greener life:

  • Turn off the shower when you arenai??i??t using it, for example, when you are applying body wash.
  • Reduce the usage of plastic bags. If you do tend to use them, try repeating the use of them to save the energy of producing huge quantities of plastic bags. Studies show that four billion plastic bags are produced every year to cater to the needs of the people.
  • Switch off the lights and fans when you do not need them.
  • Try purchasing ecological washing powders.
  • Do not leave the tap on while brushing your teeth or when it is not required. Studies show that about one hundred and eighty liters of water are wasted each day in this way.
  • Try growing more plants around your garden.

If you observe closely, most of what is contained in this article was taught and preached to us when we were in school. Nevertheless, most of us have failed to abide by these simple principles we were taught as kids. Let us awaken our spirits to the needs and innocence of nature because if we donai??i??t do it now, our resources will be wasted.

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