5 Nerve Wrecking Phobias

5 Nerve Wrecking PhobiasFear of situations and people can be normal if it is within bounds. This is not the same in all situations. We fear people for unknown reasons, avoid them for no rhyme and reason, just because we are afraid to meet them. Situations are avoided as they may be difficult to live up to or extremely uncomfortable. Most of the fears are irrational and imaginary causing excessive emotional disturbances like sweating. When they are so, we call them phobias.

Phobias can be debilitating and prevent you from leading a normal life. All ages are affected by them. Among women they are the most common psychiatric illnesses, afflicting all ages. As far as men are concerned, it is the second most common among those above 25.

How does one know it is a phobia? One is afraid of spiders, of flying, of socializing and of heights so forth and so on. Reactions are many. One sweats it out, feels excessively threatened, rapid thoughts enter oneai??i??s mind, heartbeat is fast, one trembles and experiences shortness of breath.

Now let see which phobia one is suffering from, that is incase you are really suffering from one.

1.Agorophobia – Fear of being in a place alone where one might feel it is difficult to escape or seek help. Those suffering from it tend to avoid crossing bridges, in crowded streets or busy places. Many refuse to leave their homes when they suffer from agorophobia. In case, they do go alone they would be under distress or will prefer being accompanied by a friend or relative.

2.Specific Phobia – People suffering from it have fear of a specific situation or object, like fear of animals, snakes etc. fear of heights, and closed spaces etc. Generally, they appear in childhood and disappear in adulthood. In case, they remain in adulthood they need to be treated.

3. Social Phobia – The person suffering from it is afraid of doing something in public. Simple acts such as eating a meal or signing a check may be difficult for them when others are present. Most people are afraid of speaking in public. Social phobias generally begin after puberty and continue lifelong if not treated.

4.Acrophobia – Fear of heights. One is afraid of heights, like being at the top floor of an apartment complex, or at the top of a mountain.

5.Agoraphobia – Fear of open spaces generally means one is afraid of being alone in an elevator or in mall or in an open space. One can panic in such situations. Most people suffer from it after one or two attacks.

Get yourself checked up if you suffer from these phobias. After all one would like to lead a carefree life, free of tensions. Of course, at times it may be difficult to overcome these phobias and one may end up living with them.

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  1. Informative guys but when ur goin to talk of phobias…add a few thrifty solutions as well…think dat wud be of more help to pple!!

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