Childrenai??i??s Day Celebrates Nehruai??i??s Love for Children in India

Today is Childrenai??i??s Day, which is celebrated with all fervor in India as it happens to be the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, former Prime Minister of India. He is incidentally, the father of former Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Pandit Nehru, also popularly called Chacha Nehru (Uncle Nehru) loved children and spent his precious moments with them. His birthday is celebrated as the Universal Childrenai??i??s day, with a lot of dancing and singing and story-telling in colleges and schools.

Pandit NehruAi??was born on 14th November, 1889 to Motilal Nehru, an eminent lawyer and Swaroop Rani. He completed his post-graduate education from Cambridge. On his return to India, he was not interested in the legal profession, but was attracted towards the freedom movement in India and joined the Congress. He was compassionate towards the poor and downtrodden and excelled himself as a statesman. He was good orator, very outspoken in his views.

Pandit NehruAi??was a blend of Eastern values and Western thinking. He favored technological progress. He was a writer as well as poet and wrote theAi??ai???Discovery of Indiaai???Ai??andAi??ai???Glimpses of World Historyai???.

Children are the future of the world. A nation suffers if they are neglected. The environment in the country should be conducive to their mental and physical growth. Opportunities should be manifold for them to excel in many ways.

In India, much still needs to be achieved as far as protecting the interests of the children is concerned. The fortunate few from well-to do families and middle class families have definitely progressed. But what about those poor, under-nourished and deprived children? A large number of children live in slums and ghettoes. They lack even basic education and health facilities. They almost suffer from starvation. Bonded labor and child labor still persists among this vulnerable section of the society. Donai??i??t you thinkAi??ChachaAi??Nehru has been let down?

Childrenai??i??s DayAi??yet brings the smile on the faces of children for it is a day for them to rejoice and celebrate. In India, efforts have been on by the Government to provide education for all and better medical facilities for the not- so fortunate children. Social activists have also been trying to improve their living conditions.

On this day, most schools have cultural programs. Patriotic songs are sung and fancy shows and quiz programs are organized. Special programs for children are aired on television and radio. It is a great event full of fun and frolic! Not for all though. One hopes that the deprived children also enjoy the fun and fulfill the cherished dream of Chacha Nehru for a better life.

Well children, have your way today and do what you like the most. This is your day. Make the best of it. Enjoy the day and decide to take up challenges in life with full courage and determination.

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  1. i love children i m a teacher
    teaching is my passion i wanna that i’ll give a good shape of my student behave n motivate them
    i’ll celebrate this day zestfully n spend my all time with children

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