Obama, The First Black US President- A Spectacular Victory

Obama, the first Black US President
Barack Hussein Obama, 47, wins the race to become the 44th President of the United StatesAi??and being of African-American origins, he is the first black person to attain this distinction. America has proved itself a dynamic nation again, not averse to change. Electing a black person as a president was something not thought of earlier as the past 43 US presidents were whites of Anglo-Saxon origin. But America has proved that it can set aside disparities based on color, and has with open hands welcomed Barack Obama.

Obama was born on Aug 4th, 1961 to Ann Dunham, a white American and a Kenyan in Honolulu, Hawaii. Since his father was a Muslim, his middle name is Hussein, but he was baptized as a Christian. He married Michelle Robinson in 1992 and has two daughters: Malia Ann, 10years and Natasha, 7 years. He graduated in Political Science from Columbia University and also from Harvard Law School.

The poll result rejected the earlier policies pursued by the Bush administration, be it on the economic front or policies related to war. It also erased the earlier reputation of the country for being racially prejudiced and upholds the democratic principles of its constitution, protecting every individualai??i??s rights as a citizen, to attain any heights he or she so desires.

Obama won at least 349 electoral college votes. He actually needed only 270. With a 96% vote count, Obama led John McCain by 52% to 42%. McCain won 159 electoral votes. Obama won over half a dozen of Republican states. In three states, results are yet to be declared.

This was indeed a crushing victory for a senator of mixed racial background and also a ai???coloredai??? person. Much is expected of him: a new direction to the foreign and military policy, although budgetary deficits would place constraints on domestic expenditure. The younger generation did play a decisive role in his victory and expect a lot from him. The older generations, both black and white, were a bit surprised as they never thought they would see a black US president.

Whatever said and done, the whole world is watching Obama: how he deals with the present global economic crisis, terrorism and warfare in Iran and Iraq. They definitely expect a deviation from the earlier Republican policies. World peace is what Obama is expected to strive for and minorities living in the US as well as elsewhere can also expect to attain great heights in the political arena.

We at YGOY wish Obama all success in his future endeavors.

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