Top 20 Tips to be a Success at Interviews

We all go through a jittery feeling while facing an interview. We need the job badly, but before getting it, we need to face a barrage of questions. It is a nerve-wrecking experience and to make the best of it, we definitely need to prepare ahead of time. Here are some tips for you to make a success of your interview:

How to Have a Successful Interview?

A general approach towards the interview helps. One should take these precautions to ensure that they do not lose out on account of bad preparation.

  • Make sure that you possess a well-prepared resume and re-read it several times.
  • Prepare questions that might be asked as well as questions which you may want to ask.
  • Choose an outfit to wear for the interview. It should be professional and business-like even if the job it in a casual setting.
  • Rehearse answers to common interview questions at home.
  • Anticipate some of the obvious questions that maybe asked.
  • Develop a strategy to control your stress level.

Initial impressions do matter. For a successful impact on the interviewer, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be on time.
  • Enter the room in an appropriate manner using polite expressions such as “May I come in Madam or Sir?” “Good Morning” etc.
  • Keep a smile on your face.
  • Body language should be perfect. Shake hands with the interview, maintain eye contact and keep a good posture.

While at the interview, one should be careful with the following points:

  • One should be true to them self.
  • Be truthful.
  • Ask for clarifications.
  • Do talk, but as per requirement.
  • Try to sell yourself.
  • Let the interview be lively. Be animated, while speaking.
  • Do not appear dull or drab.

At the final stage of the interview keep the following issues in mind:

  • Be able to perceive the end of the interview.
  • Thank him or her for the time spent.
  • Let the interview add to your experience and see if you can get some feedback.

Interviews can cause much anxiety and stress. But if one prepares well in advance and takes necessary precautions in dealing with the situation, he or she can be a winner!

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