15 Bare Facts About Earth’s Future

Are we taking our Earth for granted? We depend upon it for our survival. We would cease to exist if Earth perishes for some reason. It may soundpreposterous, but we need to be aware that Earth has limited resources. Unless and until we use them carefully, we may end up like beggars withno choice but to accept what is available, or perhaps with no morsel in the bowl.

How are we affected if the existence of the Earth is under threat? This needs a little bit of thinking, as visualizing the future of the Earth is not so easy. Scientists have off and on speculated upon the changes in the Earth’s composition, be it global warming or depletion of mineral resources. Let us observe how we are affected by environmental changes and in what way the face of the Earth will undergo change.

What is the Future of Earth?

  • Global warming is an inevitable phenomenon affecting the climatic conditions on Earth. Devastating storms, heat waves, tsunamis and famine causing drought will continue to occur despite efforts to control pollution and the environment perse. The Earth might continue to exist, but we as human beings may cease to exist, if the fury of nature is not controlled and respected.
  • The slight increase in Earth’s rotation could affect us in many ways. Epic floods will damage some areas and glaciers may disappear completely, both leading to widespread shortage of water and disease while increasing famine. Several animals and plants may become extinct. In other words, the scenario is not so appealing.
  • It could also result in changing patterns of land use. Now more people live in cities than in rural areas. Cities are overcrowded and polluted, affecting the health of the people living in them.
  • There may be an increase in oil production between 2008 and 2018, but once it attains its peak, it will start declining. This would trigger a global recession, conflicts between nations, and food shortages. Oil is essential for every nation to carry on with its production activities. Any shortage on this front could affect the daily lives of citizens.
  • Rainfall would be less, resulting in less agricultural production. It appears 2020A.D. would be a difficult period and flash floods would be on the increase in all parts of Europe. Based on U.S. Census Bureau trends, world population will go up to 7.7 billion people.
  • Disease will be on the increase due to increased pollution, particularly so in the low-income countries.
  • By 2030, about 18% of coral reefs will be lost due to climatic changes and environmental stresses, according to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In 2030, world population will reach 8.3 billion people, according to U.S. Census Bureau.
  • In 2040, the Arctic sea could be ice free in the summer.
  • Due to disappearance of glaciers and to droughts, electricity production by the present hydroelectric stations will decrease.
  • Some areas will dry up, while others will get inundated with water.
  • The level of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere will go up.
  • The oceans of the Earth will disappear from the scene in a billion years due to increased temperature on account of the intensity of the sun, according to Pennsylvania State Researcher, Dr. James F. Kasting.
  • Earth’s gravity may become weaker.
  • The question that arises is whether Earth can support us if depletion of its resources continues.
  • The harmful effects of human activities can affect the global system in a negative way. Wars, for example, can damage Earth in many ways.

Environmentalists are much concerned about preserving the ecology of the earth. Man is dependent upon its manifestations. Earth, after all, is part of the cosmos and any changes in the existing cosmos can impact its existence.

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  1. Well, I would like some more information about this because i decided to do a project on this topic. Please get back at me as soon as possible.

  2. the fact is we are here, our technology is advancing at rapid rates and some fail to see that life is hard to destroy. there are estimated 7 billion people on earth now and growing. there is so many of us we would be almost impossible for us to go extinct. we can survive on nothing in desperate times and when the time comes we do. even if global warming is so bad earth is unihabbitable by then we will have selected few to escape from earth and colonize elsewhere. people fail to see life has been around for millions upon millions of years and always will be. unless god gets bored, we will most likely be here till the end. but even when the universe has run out of hydrogen technology might be able to even change matter so stars wont die. the fact is we are here and we will not go away….. unless a nuclear holicost occurs then that sucks

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