5 Filthy World Cities: Visitorsai??i?? Opinions

A fresh and clean environment can do wonders to your spirits. Living in a city that maintains high standards of cleanliness and hygiene is the ideal way to avoid pollution and filth. But do we all live in a city that lives up to these standards? Many of us are unfortunate to live in dirty and filthy cities, either because we are born in them or we are forced to live in them out of compulsion. Are you curious to know which cities are filthy? Here are a few on the list.

Unbearable Filthiest Cities to be avoided

  • Ciudad Juarezis a border city spreading across Rio Grande, starting from El Paso in Texas, North America. In Ciudad Juarez, there are no traffic lights, potholes remain neglected, and police are not trustworthy. Ciudad Juarez is owned by drug cartels and is a very rich city. These drug cartels make million and millions of dollars selling drugs. The house prices are the highest in Mexico. Despite the wealth of the citizens of Ciudad Juarez, the cityai??i??s infrastructure is dilapidated, making it an undesirable destination for visitors.
  • MumbaiIndia has a lot of garbage and is at its worst when there are heavy downpours. It is littered with left-overs, plastic bags, and anything and everything that you can imagine. Improper sanitation, inadequate drinking water facilities, no proper drainage system for rain water to flow through, and overcrowding of railways and roadways make this city very unattractive to a visitor as well as the residents. Mumbai is the business hub of India as well as a favorite spot for cine stars of Indian Bollywood.
  • Brussels, Belgium is considered to be a run-down European city. It is full of grime and dirt that can people off. Service is here is of low quality and is very slow. Visitors of Brussels noticed that most of the Belgians often looked and acted tired.
  • Johannesburg,South Africa is highly polluted. It is subjected to vehicle emissions, untarred roads, and mine dumps and excessive coal burning.
  • New York, USAis an extremely polluted city. Roads are littered with leaflets which need to be swept regularly; piles of newspapers are dumped into litter baskets; and litter has to be removed from under parked cars. Graffiti is everywhere and remains to be cleaned up. In other words, it is a filthy city. The administration may claim it is clean, but much needs to be done. Many more filthy cities are on the list, but these cities, to the visitorsai??i?? eye, have proved to be unbearable. Much needs to be done to clean them up and make them more pleasurable to visit andAi??live in.


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  1. the author of this article on the 5 filthiest cities has obviously never been to Lagos, Nigeria. if you eventualy do.try and get to a place called Obalende.damn!

  2. I live in Milan and here you can see with your eyes the change in action: we are preparing the cuty for 2015 EXPO and the behaviour is changing day by day; we are growing, indeed!

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