Ravi Kumar: Corporate Teacher ai??i?? The Art of Living Foundation

Ravi Kumar: Corporate Teacher - The Art of Living Foundation
The Art of Living Foundation (AOL) benefits the masses in many ways. Programs are available for trauma relief in Kashmir for promoting better mental health. Efforts are on to promote harmony and peaceful co-existence among the citizens, and to reintegrate misguided youth, who are caught in militancy in Kashmir. The 5H program focuses on social transformation and community development, better health, providing shelter for the homeless, hygiene, finding harmony in diversity, and human values.

AOL also seeks to create model villages, centering on community living, cleanliness, and overall development. The Prison program is meant to reduce crime and rehabilitate the prisoners and integrate them into society. Empowerment of women in the social and economic sphere is another highlight of the efforts made by AOL to raise the overall standards of women in India as well as abroad.

No doubt, AOL has much to offer to society. Let us see what Ravi Kumar of AOL has to say:

Mr. Ravi Kumar is the State-Coordinator & Corporate Teacher for ai???The Art of Living Foundationai??i??. His devotion and commitment to the foundation inspired him to widen the reach of its programs and enrich the lives of thousands of people. He is currently the Executive Director of Zetatek Industries, based in Hyderabad, after holding vital positions in Glaxo India. Kumar proved himself as an excellent badminton player in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India playing at the National Level for seven years

As an integral member of ai???The Art of Living Foundationai??i??, Kumar has conducted various stress management programs and seminars. He is blessed with storytelling skills and remarkably strikes a chord with the audience. His sessions are highly functional with content that enables people to be successful and effective in their lives. He is known for his result-oriented, inspiring, and practical presentations in his coaching sessions, helping people to take huge strides on the path of personal growth and fulfillment.

Kumar has traveled widely, from Europe to the Far-East. He has conducted AOL programs for organizations like Satyam Computer Services Limited, National Mineral Development Corporation, National Police Academy, Tribal Welfare Department, and the National Geophysical Research Institute. Politicians, doctors, advocates, scientists, bankers, and even prisoners have benefited in many ways from his discourses.

Ravi Kumarai??i??s attributes: A renowned orator as well as a patient listener.

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  1. i was a student of Mr.ravi kumar,when i did my basic course way back in 2002.his class was simply superb.i actually turned spiritual after this encounter with him.my personal opinion is that he is the best teacher i have ever met.through him i had learnt a lot of things and improved my life.he had instilled lot of confidence in me. he is not just a teacher….a philosopher, welwisher and friend not just to me but to thousands of his desciples.

  2. AOL basic course is really good techinque as stress buster and the course also concentrates on self development. i did this course in 2005, i have great confidence and stamina after doing the course and still today i do everyday. i think people with health problems can really benefit from it.

  3. very nice informative post. thumbs up. I am waiting to read more post in the future.

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