5 World Famous Winter Festivals – 2009

Winters can be exciting too. The weather need not make you feel drab and dull. Winter festivals can make your day and the festival mood can linger on throughout the season. The world has much to offer in the form of festivals. These festivals can be mood lifters and can brighten up your spirits. Spend your winter in celebrations and festivities. Enjoy the warmth of the sun accompanied by lilting music on a sunny beach or jazz your way to romance and gaiety. Plan your winter holidays in such a way that festival mood pervades throughout the season. What festivals can you take part in? Here are a few on the list.

Winter Festivals 2009

  • Naples Winter Wine Festival ( Feb. 6- Feb.8 2009) – Fantastic entertainment and arts event for the wealthy Americans, this festival brings forth the finest chefs and vintners together, along with philanthropists and wine collectors. The three- day affair is of course held in the picturesque setting of Naples, Florida
  • Winter Festival of Lights, Canada (November 8th,2008 – Jan 5th,2009) – This colorful event is held at the Niagara Falls in Canada. The festival includes 125 animated displays of lighting and includes 3 million tree and ground lights, which are displayed at the Niagara Parks Winter Wonderland. The world’s largest illuminated Canadian-American Flag is displayed. This year is its silver anniversary and one can holiday at Niagara Falls to enjoy the treat.
  • Route du Rock- Winter Festival, St. Malo, France ( Feb.01 2009- Feb. 28, 2009) – The festival will host popular contemporary acts of music from all over Europe. It is a one of the popular, most loved electronic and rock music festival of France. It has attracted some of the well- known music groups of Europe. The festival will take place at the 18th century fort of saint-Malo and beaches located in its vicinity.
  • Tuscan Winter Chamber Music Festival (March 8th-March15th 2009) – This is a world class event in music and brings into focus internationally and nationally (American) renowned chamber music. It is a very adventurous festival in the US put together by the Arizona Friends of Chamber Music (AFCM). The event happens to be a week- long event of 5 concerts. The music session is also accompanied with a fantastic dinner at Arizona Inn, which includes champagne.
  • Prague Winter Festival ( Jan.02nd – Jan.07th ,2009) – The opera and ballet performances are superb in this festival as well as the classical music renderings. The architectural grandeur and tourist attractions of Prague add to the glamour of the festival.

Enjoy your winter holidays by including a festival or two in your itinerary. Be it music, opera, or rock concerts, the pleasure is all yours. Winter can turn out to more exciting, despite the cold and harsh weather. Warm up with some warm music.

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  1. i am musician from africa with a band playing afro pop i would like to perform in one of the festivals what are the procedure?

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