10 Ways of Mastering Your Thoughts

Our lives are very complicated these days. We lead stressful lives and worry about many issues like deadlines, time management, inflation and coordinating family life and work. One experiences much pressure and our mind is plagued with several thoughts arising at the same time. We go bonkers in other words.

Mind needs to be controlled and guided in a manner that we attain peace and tranquility despite daily tribulations and tensions. Thoughts will arise, but we need to limit these thoughts in order to keep our minds free from worry and anxiety. How do we do this? Here are a few suggestions, yogic in nature of course, but if practiced can provide you with the relief that you are looking for.

Tips for Thought Control

  1. One can practice Pranayama, rhythmic control of breathing and regulate the flow of thoughts. The thought processes slow down and less thoughts enter your mind. Controlling Prana (breath) perfectly would enable you to gain mastery over your thoughts.
  2. One should identify with the Immortal Self? It is important to understand yourself. One needs to answer the question Who am I? Knowing yourself better can solve many of your problems. You can perceive better if you are able to realize your weak and strong points.
  3. Abstain from alcohol, meat, obscene literature and films, evil company and obscene talks. Spending time with religious leaders, reading spiritual books and attending religious discourse and music session can make you realize your full potential and also help in self-realization.
  4. Have less desires. Do not crave for things. There is no end for desires. When desires are not fulfilled one can feel very unhappy. Also one enters the rat race of fulfilling those desires and tends to choose any path that comes along the way. Your thoughts also come down if you limit your desires. After all, most of the time you will be thinking on how to fulfill these desires. A rich man may also have the wealth, but yet his mind may be restless. He may not be happy. On the other hand a person with simple habits and simple desires may have less things to worry. Many Westerners come to the East in pursuit of spiritual happiness as they are fed up with their material existence.
  5. One must make a conscious effort to reduce the number of thoughts. It may be difficult initially, but one can do so by gaining mastery over his or thoughts. One must try to deal with the root cause of the thought and work upon it. If you desire something very expensive, which perhaps your budget does not permit, you maybe unhappy and continue to be obsessed by that thought. On the other hand, if your choice is reasonable and can be purchased, then the thought may not be disturbing.
  6. Thoughts can reoccur again. One needs to get rid of them completely. Merely suppressing them, does not help. If you continue to crave for something, then you end up with a nagging thought of not being able to fulfill it. Stop craving, then the thought does not occur in your mind.
  7. Try to fix your mind on one particular thought. Do not entertain too many thoughts. This improves your efficiency and concentration.
  8. Be patient in your efforts to control your thoughts. It will be difficult initially, but one should not give up. Practice makes you perfect.
  9. Substitution of thoughts helps. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. If a particular thought is disturbing, then replace it with another one. One must cultivate virtuous thoughts such as love, thoughtfulness, purity, humility etc. Greed, lust and pride should be avoided.
  10. Thoughts repeat themselves. Think positive and positive thoughts will keep re-occuring. If you entertain evil thoughts, then only evil thoughts will keep repeating in your mind. Feed your mind with healthy thoughts.

Thoughts need to be control in our stressful lives. We need to master our minds in order to ensure that we only have thoughts that benefit us spiritually and physically.

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