5 Peculiar Habits That Make You Stand Out

We at times develop peculiar habits, which can be quite obnoxious. These are compelling habits, which you are unable to give up. Others may ridicule you or even shun you. In a relationship, these peculiar habits can prove to be hindrance for the couples to remain harmonious and congenial to each other. No one is spared. Celebrities have such habits as well as the common man on street.

Observe yourself well and you will also come across some such habits, which perhaps are redundant. Compare yourself with some of these peculiar habits, and see if they are as bad as these ones.

Unusual Peculiar Habits

  • Jumping Buffalo – Jumping into a muddiest puddle and twisting and turning in the filth like a buffalo. Sounds crazy, but some do it.
  • Urmila Matondkar, a well known Indian film celebrity does not use the towel again once she uses it. After she towel dries her feet and hands, she does not use the same towel again to clean her hands and feet as she feels it may contain bacteria. She is a hygiene freak. Many are like her too. Some wash their hands too many times as they feel they are dirty. This is a psychological problem no doubt, but yet a compelling habit.
  • Book Lover – Some place a bookshelf in the bathroom as they are avid readers. They cannot do without their book. They always have their nose in the book. In fact, while having a shower also they read a book.
  • Subway Commuter – A commuter in New York, who is a regular traveler by the subway prefers standing on the same spot daily waiting for the train every day. He or she refuses to move an inch.
  • Sidewalkers – Many walkers on the sidewalk do not walk in a straight manner. The meander around, walking from one side to the other side. This makes it difficult for another walker who keeps bumping into him or her.

Peculiar habits make you a peculiar person. You may not be aware of them, but others do notice. Not easy to get rid of such habits. Sometimes, they can make life hell for you!

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