Why is a Big Mac at McDonalds a Big Mac? – The Success Story

McDonaldsFor those on the go, fast food is a way of life. A person on the ai???goai??? wants his or her thirst and hunger to be quenched as quickly as possible. They have no time to make a meal, or they are too tired to do so. The option left for such a hurried lifestyle is having an outing at a fast food chain, and McDonaldai??i??s seems perfect!

Why McDonaldai??i??s? Ask any child or adult why they prefer McDonaldai??i??s, and the instant response would be: it is the best place for a burger, coke and French fries. Sounds yummy, doesnai??i??t it? But have you ever thought beyond the food it has to offer, and tried to understand its success growth. Let us have look.

How McDonaldai??i??s is what it is today

McDonalds French friesLet our memory roll back to 1954, when Raymond Kroc, a milkshake machine salesman and the builder and founder of McDonaldai??i??s Corporation, visualized a fast-food chain that would serve the best as quickly as possible. He proved himself to be a pioneer in building up a fast-food chain industry as large as what Henry Ford had done in the automobile industry. He revolutionized the American food industry by his serious attempts to ensure that proper discipline was maintained in the production and delivery of hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes. McDonaldai??i??s became a brand name under his guidance and supervision.

By 1960, McDonaldai??i??s had more than 200 outlets across US. Kroc made an all-out attempt to ensure that McDonaldai??i??s expanded well. In the 1970s, McDonaldai??i??s became the largest fast-food chain in the US. By then, there were over 2,200 outlets, which were generating an annual income of $1 billion dollars. In 1972, there was one chain for every 90,000 citizens. Of course, there were many outside the boundaries of the US who had yet to taste the Big Mac. Thatai??i??s what Kroc aimed for. He wanted McDonaldai??i??s to reach out to people living all over the world.

McDonalds BurgersIn 1977, the fast-food sandwich set- up opened its 3,000th establishment in London. The Europeans had tasted the ai???real American hamburger.ai??? It extended its business to other world capitals as well.In fact, in 1979, it faced Marxist opposition in San Salvador. From Brunei to Belgium, the fast-food chain has tried to meet to the local tastes, and has coped up with local government opposition and bureaucracy practices.

Today, McDonald’s is present in third world countries too. In India, it is making its presence felt. No doubt, some Asian countries are poor and such fast-food chains are no solution to resolving poverty issues. Yet the rich and nouveau riche are making a beeline to this fast-food chain and relishing what McDonaldai??i??s has to offer. Even the Chinese like to bite their teeth into a McDonaldai??i??s burger. It may sound ironic, as one does not expect such ai???Western food cultureai??? in a communist country like China. But in fact, the selling of Big Macs, French fries, and milkshakes is a big affair in China. You can even include Japan in the list.

What Makes McDonaldai??i??s Click?
The informal atmosphere, quick delivery system, both in-house as well as home, has made it a successful venture. The taste, of course, is way out. It has its own unique flavor. High standards of hygiene are also maintained.

An ideal place for a family get-together is what a McDonaldai??i??s restaurant turns out to be. Kids love it, so do adults. It is ai???theai??? place to be in for a quick and tasty bite. If you are hungry and have no time to cook, just drop in at your nearby McDonaldai??i??s.

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  1. I like this post. It shows McDonald’s in a better light than those blog posts about McDonald’s as a “big corporations making people fat” that really have no point and make people think that enjoying fast food ever once in a while is going to kill off the human population. McDonald’s is one of those chains that have started with one man’s dream and became a part of the American heart.

    Even though in these modern technological times, marketing has gone from http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonliebigstuff/2806181820/ to something like this:http://www.stackmymac.com/?utm_source=blog+commenting&utm_medium=media&utm_content=Game&utm_campaign=G
    they still reach out to everyone.

  2. Omg. McdONALDS coke and fries is what i need right now. its hponestly the most delicious thing anyone could ever imagine. i give it 5 stars.

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