Top 5 world streets that strike out on their own

We traverse most streets, but find no difference among them as they are the same. Sounds boring, isnai??i??t it? Why not visit streets that are strikingly different? Strikingly different, what does that mean you may ask? Unusual of course. They draw your attention to their dissimilarities in structure, composition and layout. Why not visit some of them and experience what they have to offer in terms of crowds, grandeur and daily hustle-bustle.

World Streets that are Awesome

Yonge Street

1. Travel along the Yonge Street (pronounced as Young) – in Toronto, Canada, which is the longest street in the world. It is very lively and busy, and has much traffic. All kinds of goods, food, drinks, services and entertainment can be had on this street. One comes across people of different cultural hues and nationalities.

the Baldwin street

2. Why not try Baldwin Street, which in the suburb of North East of Dunedinai??i??s (New Zealand) city center. It has an unusual steep. It rises dramatically and stops dead after 34 houses on a hill side

de Julio Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina

3. . Visit de Julio Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is the widest street one comes across in the world. It spans an entire city block. At a normal walking speed, it takes 2 to 3 green lights to cross it. The adjacent streets are at a distance of approximately 110 meters.

Lombard street

4. Move on to Lombard Street, a curvy street that is part of the US highway 101 west of Russian Hill. The street was built in 1923 and has flowers in its sharp turns. It being a residential neighborhood, heavy vehicles and tour buses are not allowed on it.

Magic Roundabout in Swindon, England

5. Then there is the Magic Roundabout in Swindon, England, which was constructed in 1972 and consists of a large roundabout, which in turn contains five mini roundabouts. The roundabout can be quite confusing to a new driver.

Drive on these awesome streets and experience the thrill of unusual adventure and excitement. It is a challenge indeed to find your way on these strikingly dissimilar streets, unique in their own way.

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