Top 10 Commonly Used Passwords: Its Time You Changed it!

Life has become so mysterious with passwords ruling our day-to-day operation. So whether we have to pay our mobile bills, credit card bills, transfer funds or shop online, the key to easy and safe transaction is a strong password. Though users are constantly told to keep weird and maybe unthinkable passwords, the passwords that people hold turn out to be somewhat typical to others passwords, thereby becoming stale, consistent and insecure.

Top 10 Commonly Used Passwords
Listed below are some of the most commonly used passwords that were arrived at after taking a sample of passwords mainly from the United Kingdom. Beware! There is no dearth of hackers in this world today, and you might have to lose your wealth and riches just at the hands of one who manages to crack your code.

  1. ai???123ai???: Yes, 4 in every 1000 people (3.784%) opt for a numerical sequence for a password such as ai???123.ai??? This seems to be the instant numerical sequence people can think of when asked to think of a password. The length does not increase or decrease more than specified.
  2. ai???passwordai???: Experts say that for 1 in 250 people, typing the word ai???passwordai??? as a password is as common, mechanical and similar to pressing any key combination.
  3. ai???liverpoolai???: The word ai???liverpoolai??? comes third, with 1 in every 550 people opting for the name of the football club. Experts assume that Manchester United and Newcastle United are difficult and longer to spell. Hence, they may not be preferred by the public at large.
  4. ai???letmeinai???: letmein is the latest version of ai???open sesame.ai??? About 1 in every 560 people uses this password. Experts havenai??i??t been able to find out why and how. A lot of passwords have also been influenced by television commercials and movies. For instance, Fox Mulderai??i??s password in the X Files ai??i?? ai???trustno1ai??? also reported to be common among some.
  5. ai???123456ai???: Experts claim that this is the fifth most common password used, accounting for slightly less that 2 percent of the population. In fact, it the minimum required length of a password to be used. Counting to six makes it the easiest and quickest way to construct a password.
  6. ai???qwertyai???: This password happens to be the sixth most-common password. As experts wonder what could have inspired users to think of this password, they assume that since these letters appear adjacent to each other on the keyboard, it could be the easiest, quickest and unthinkable way to form a password. About 1 in every 700 people uses this password.
  7. ai???charlieai???: As many as 1.39 percent of the population is faithful to this name-based password. Some experts think people who choose this password want to pay homage to some of the greatest charlies of all time. This includes Charlie Chaplin of Charlie Sheen. It may also be a slang word.
  8. ai???monkeyai???: The word ai???monkeyai??? is the eighth most popular password. As experts find out why people to stick to this password, they state that ai???monkeyai??? is easy to remember, and at the same time fits into the six-letter length of a password. Researchers still worry as to why people are choosing to monkey with the internet, mobiles etc.
  9. ai???arsenalai???: The gunners occupy the ninth position, with 1.11 percent of the people remaining faithful to this football club. Ironically, the word ai???arsenalai??? also contains the first four-letter swear word arse, a favorite with many.
  10. ai???thomasai???: The 10th most commonly-used password, ai???Thomas,ai??? accounts for nearly 1 percent of the population. This means 1 in every 1,000 persons choose to keep it. It is assumed that a frequent occurrence of this name-based password could be based on oneai??i??s sense of idealization for Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison. It may also be due to the prevalence of the Christian community, which prefers to keep the name ai???thomasai??? and pass it down to its relatives, family and loved ones.

Spot your password from the above? If it doesnai??i??t appear, then there is little to worry about; however, if it does, then its best to consider a change.

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