Food for Performance: The Secret of Michael Phelps

ai???Eat, sleep and swim, thatai??i??s all I can do,ai??? says the American six-time gold medal winner at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Some experts believe ai???you are what you eatai???, which has clearly been proven by this latest sensational swimmer of all time, who turned just 23 this June.

The Secret of Michael Phelps

So what makes this guy own the blue waters? Nothing more than three fried-egg sandwiches, with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce for breakfast. This is coupled with chocolate chip pancakes, a 5-egg omelet and lots more just for breakfast. Can you beat that?

Whatai??i??s for Breakfast?
Apart from what is mentioned above, Michael has fried-egg sandwiches with a lot of fried onions and mayonnaise, too. This is followed by three slices of sugar-coated French toast and a bowl of porridge. He ends his breakfast with two cups of coffee.

Whatai??i??s for Lunch?
For lunch, this 6-feet-4-inches tall stud has a pound of pasta with a large ham and cheese sandwich dripping with mayonnaise. He also drinks plenty of fluids with his lunch.

Whatai??i??s for Dinner?
Finally, what do you think he ends his dinner with? The answer is a pound of pasta with carbonara sauce, pizza and plenty of drinks.

Does that mean this guy is actually getting all the push due to his added calorie intake? As curious viewers fail to wonder the secret of his success ai??i?? height (6 foot 4 inches) or calories, he continues to win lengths after lengths. Experts suggest that the swimmer eats about 10000 calories a day, which is equivalent to the caloric intake for five men in one day.

In addition to eating these calories, Phelps works out for five hours per a day. Barbara Lewin, a nutritionist, says athletes whether runners or swimmers are not able to perform their best because of glycogen depletion. This is caused by lack of carbohydrates, which the muscles of our body require most.

Phelps, who weighs 165 kilograms right now, hopes to continue his winning ways at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7562840.stm

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