Top Five Worst Cars Ever Launched

When searching for a safe and reliable vehicle to watch over a family on a journey, it is best to know what cars are considered to be a bad deal. While no car that will run without hiccups for the entirety of its life, customers often have to experiment a great deal with the ones available in the market.

Sometimes vehicles are worth the cost but sometimes they arenai??i??t even worth selling. For instance, one in every four Brits claimed that the worst car that could ever hit the roads was the Austin Allegro, as per an iMotormag survey. What is even more surprising is the fact that Allegroai??i??s production ended 25 years ago and people still cannot forget it to be the worst car ever produced

Top 5 Worst Cars Ever Launched

Listed below are the names of the top 5 worst cars in the world:

  • Austin AllegroAustin Allegro: British Leyland came up with this family car in 1973 under the brand Austin. Its production continued for the next ten years until 1983. Innocenti, an Italian maker constructed the same vehicle in 1974 and 1975 and sold it by the name of Innocenti Regent. As many as 642,350 Austin Allegroai??i??s were produced in its ten year production cycle and a huge number were sold to consumers at home. The Allegro soon acquired a marred reputation with its terrible pedal settings and poor design quality. Given the nickname of ai???All-Aggroai???, where ai???aggroai??? meant aggravation, the car failed to meet the comfort and safety standards of consumers with its design flaws..
  • Morris ItalMorris Ital:: A medium-sized car, the Morris Ital was produced by British Leyland again in 1980. The vehicle set off reasonably well during the early1980s but faded within just four years. At one time, the Ital and Cortina (Ford) were considered to be the only mass-volume cars with rear wheel drive. In 1981, an automatic version of the Ital was produced with a two-liter zero series power unit. The Ital was the last model which was produced under the brand name Morris. In 1984 the Ital was sold to China..
  • Talbot SunbeamTalbot Sunbeam: The Talbot Sunbeam came into being after Chryslerai??i??s European operations were handed over to PSA . The Sunbeam development was funded by a British grant and its production lasted from 1977 to 1981, during which phase the British automotive industry was going through strikes, crisis and increasing competitiveness from Japanese makers. The car lost its stake in the market owing to the lack of five door space and the complicated luggage compartment.
  • Austin PrincessAustin Princess:
    • The Austin Princess was a luxury car produced under the Austin brand. Its production lasted from 1947 to 1968. The Austin Sheerline was the first actual Austin Princess to be produced in 1947. From 1957 onwards the name ai???Austinai??? was removed even though Austin was making the car.Ai?? British Leyland revived the Vanden Plas Princess with the Leyland Princess range in the 1970s. The Austin Princess was never a favorite with the public and was bought only for ceremonial purposes. Launched in 1947, the Austin Princess was an expensive model that was inspired by the Austin Sheerline.
  • Hillman ImpHillman Imp:
    • The Hillman Imp was construed under the Rootes Group which was later called Chrysler Europe. Its production lasted from 1963 to 1976. In 1967, an estate version was manufactured under the name of Hillman Husky. Since the workforce that was employed was not well trained in the intricacies of the vehicle, the quality and reliability suffered at the hands of the makers. In addition, the strikes and industrial disputes added to the inefficiency of the Hillman Imp.

Most of the above cars were manufactured during politically dramatic intervals where both designers and the technical team were required to work within tight schedules, low budgets and persistent strikes, lockouts and industrial disputes. The exception is the 1980s Talbot Sunbeam model. Even then, these cars are a rare example of enterprising minds that conquered time and space to develop comfort and stability for consumers, but just missed what people really needed!

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  1. i believe that the worst car ever was a car made in East Germany in 80’s …. its name was (wightbourgh) or something like that …. i even looked for long to find any mention about it but i couldn’t find >>>> the factory of this car closed after the union of Germany … this car had the most wired engine noise ever … it was funny and tell how much that engine was week … that car wasn’t able to work without a liquid u have to add with the gas …. it was completely gets hot after few miles u drive …. and its engine wasn’t able to work more than 2 years … either u drive it much or little …. the interior was out of any options … no radio or A/C … the board was iron and just scales for speed, hate and oil… i remember it when it exported in middle east …. exactly in Jordan …. it was always on the side of the roads stopped because of hate or engine …. after few years … u can find some of it … but with another engine …. Japanese engine or Korean or German … another funny thing was that the tail lights plastic color was change after while from read and orange for signal into white because of sun or weather

  2. You have a picture of an austin maestro instead of a morris ital.
    Also worth noting that the ital was mostly a morris marina with a new nose. And the 1.5l diesel ital was stunningly feeble, with 37 horsepower.

  3. Whoever wrote this article knows nothing about cars!!! The Ital was a decent car (youve got a Maestro pictured by the way, idiot!) as was the Allegro, reliable and not bad looking. The princess was also good looking and reliable. If you google Moskvitch Lada, VAZ and ZAZ you will truly see what bad cars are!!!!

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