Top Five Stores World-Wide for a Shopping Spree

We all love shopping. We travel far and wide to make our purchases. Sometimes we are off to Paris, sometimes off to Rome. Wherever we go, we must get the best. Globetrotters can now venture out to other countries to buy something they most desire to possess. Shopping malls and department stores have much to offer.

Vacation time means shopping time. One can choose the best apparel available in the market or buy the best perfume to make the world smell better.

Where are the best places to buy when going on vacation? There are many to choose from, but here are a few that must be visited while on vacation.

Departmental Store of Your Taste

  • Barney at New YorkBarney’s at New York – Indeed, a trendy department store, it sells designer apparel, accessories and shoes for men and women. Elegant and expensive, these designer clothes are preferred by young professionals in New York. Designer names include Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Jill Sanders and many others. Go. Indulge.
  • Harrods in LondonHarrods in London – This is where the Queen of England shops. It represents quality, exclusivity and service. It has the best eateries. It sells everything from designer clothes to fantastic gifts. Much to choose from. It is a touristai??i??s delight.
  • Herme Boutique in ParisHerme’s Boutique in Paris –This is the best place for extravagant purchases. Hermeai??i??s is known for its quality ties. Parisians and Europeans love spending their money here for best buys
  • Selfridges in Oxford Street, LondonSelfridges in Oxford Street, London –This store has fabulous window displays. On one occasion one million pounds worth of diamonds were on display. Events designed for the crowds are organized. One can buy luxurious lingerie or visit the highly profitable perfume counter and choose the best perfume in the world. The building is known for its architectural excellence. Shoppers from all over the world come to buy the best in the world.
  • Children World Department Store, MoscowChildren’s World Department Store, Moscow – Best deals available at this store. Buy the best for your child. After all, your children also deserve the best. Fly off to Moscow and make your selection. Take your children along with you

Get the maximum benefit from your money. Visit the best department stores that cater to high taste. Get the best buys and feel on the top of the world. Make these shops a part of the travel itinerary.

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