Creative Ways to Lose Weight

No, this is not about sticking to low-calorie food or heart-wrenching workout sessions, but about simple ways to beat fat. No more going to the gym, no more hearing “don’t eat this” and “don’t eat that”. It’s all about balancing calories in tiny ways to derive larger benefits. These ways can become habits – like losing weight while brushing your teeth? How weird is that? Though it may sound so, don’t forget that people who keep naturally lean are committed to such simple ways of beating fat day after day.

Creative Ways to Beat Fat

Pick any of the ways or habits listed below that many lean people do:

“Daybreak Rules” – What to do immediately upon waking up?

  1. Wakeup Exercise: The first thing to do when upon waking up is to sit up straight without using hands. Lean forward by keeping the knees straight to feel the tension in the back and hamstring. Then gently lower the body down to rest flat. Rest, then repeat twice daily. This works wonders for strengthening the core. This will burn 10 calories.
  2. Have a Grainy Breakfast: Go for grains at breakfast. Experts claim that mixing oat bran or wheat germ with any breakfast food is a healthy and filling option. In addition, a cup of whole wheat cereal (low fat) with 3g of dietary fiber or roughage can work out to be a healthy and lean breakfast combination. This could save 100 calories in a day.
  3. Cash in on Proteins: Never forget proteins provide numerous health benefits. They repair and build tissues, produce hormones, enzymes and body chemicals, and sustain bones, muscles, skin and hair. A hectic day can rob a person of essential nutrients due to the lack of routine. Tasty protein snacks could include: cheese, a hard  boiled egg or a handful of nuts. Save 100 calories or more.
  4. Do the Balancing Act: Balance on one leg at a time while getting ready for the day in intervals of about 30 seconds. Balancing works wonders for brain fitness and also helps in strengthening the core muscles of the body. Burn 10 calories here.
  5. Try the Ballerina Posture: While the steaming coffee drips out of the machine, place one hand over the counter and stretch a leg up and out in front of the body. Pause, and then move the leg to the side, then behind. Do the ballerina posture with each leg five times each. This exercise helps in toning the thigh muscles, hips and quadriceps. Burn 10 calories here.
  6. Skimmed Coffee: What does an ideal cup of coffee mean? One-third cup of fat milk? That could add as many as 105 calories to the drink. Coffee prepared with skim milk would be a much healthier option. Save 60 calories.
  7. Experiment Beyond Bagels: Instead of the usual bagel with creamy cheese topping, try an English muffin with a low fat cheese spread as a better option. Save 300 calories.

“9 to 5 Schedule” – The Work Day

  1. Traffic Toning: Toning the buttocks can be difficult, but getting creative while in the car can have its benefits.  Squeeze the derrière with every pull of the brake to get buns of steel. Fifteen squeezes for ten seconds each can work wonders for toning the buttocks. Burn ten calories in doing this.
  2. Dressing Casually: Recent research suggests that dressing casually like in a cool pair of jeans, comfy tees and soft-sole shoes can help with weight loss. How? Researchers claim that more walking can be done with comfortable and loose clothes on than with tight-fitting clothes that restrict movement. Burn twenty-five calories here simply by moving around in comfy clothes.
  3. Squat. Instead of sitting, pretend to do so but come back up again without using arms. Lower the hips and bend the knees. Rest entire weight on the heels and squat fifteen to twenty times during the entire day (home or office). Burn fifteen calories by doing this.
  4. Slow Down on Colas: A body absorbs the intake of foods and the intake of drinks differently. Instead of two glasses of cola or soda, water or fruit juice would work better for keeping fit and lean. Save 300 calories.
  5. Talk It Up: When talking on the phone, try standing up to talk. Keep moving. It works well to shed weight. A Mayo Clinic study suggests that on average, heavy people sit at least two and a half hours more than thin people do. Burn 50 calories or more here.
  6. Pita for Lunch: Experts suggest that snacking on a whole wheat Pita for lunch is a better option at work than having two slices of white or refined bread. Save seventy calories here.
  7. Oblige Your Feet: Walk to a destination. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Burn 100 calories by being on the move.
  8. Push the Walls: Take a break from the files and push the walls instead. Stand facing the wall, holding hands out at shoulder length and keeping the weight on the toes. Do three sets of ten push ups ten times every day. It works volumes for strengthening the triceps and chest. Burn ten calories.
  9. Binge on Apples: Eating an apple or several apples at work can keep the hungry feeling at bay throughout the day. Several studies support the view that three apples or pears a day can help in losing weight remarkably. Keep apples at hand to keep nibbling on while turning the piles of files at the desk. Save 100 calories by simply eating apples.
  10. Working Out on a Chair: Instead of dozing over files or yearning for a cup of coffee, try some of these simple workouts using a chair. Hold a chair firmly against a wall. Placing hands on the edges, and with knees bending at right angles, lower the buttocks towards the floor. Repeat this exercise for two sets of ten. This exercise helps in toning the triceps. Another simple one would be to sit back straight on the chair. Pull the knees together and up towards the chest. Do these for two sets of ten to strengthen abdominal muscles. Burn ten calories by way of this chair routine.

“Around the City”- Outdoors Living

  1. Burden Your Shoulders: When grocery shopping, consider carrying the weight in a backpack with two to four kilos of sugar initially. Keep adding small amounts of weight as the body gets used to the weight. This will increase the resistance and burn more calories. Burn twenty calories.
  2. Go Easy With Treats: Treating oneself once in a while is always good, but do not go overboard. For example, instead of bingeing on a large café latte and chocolate muffin, try the small café latte and the non-fat carrot muffin or the less fatty raisin muffin. Save 340 calories here.
  3. Pump the Calves: While filling the car with fuel, stand on the balls of the feet as far up as possible. Hold for three seconds. Lower to a flat stance. Continue raising and lowering throughout the tank filling process. This works wonders for toning and firming the calves. Burn 10 calories.
  4. Napkin Blot: Blot a pizza, teaspoon or tablespoon with a paper napkin to soak up the oil and grease (calories) off. Helps save 50-100 calories.
  5. Shopping to Lose Pounds: This could require some patience and time. Buying is not necessary, but the simple act of trying on lots of clothing can cut calories. Burn 60 calories doing this.
  6. Eat Smaller Portions: Instead of quitting lunch completely, just eat smaller portions. For example, order a happy meal instead of the Quarter Pounder burger with cheese and fries. Opt for the healthier sides as well; such as apple slices and milk or juice. This could help save 624 calories.
  7. Try the Yoga Move: When standing in a line for a period of time, stand straight with hands held behind the back. Then squeeze the shoulders together in a way that the chest is stretched wide apart. Hold for 10-20 seconds and breathe in and out slowly. This Yoga exercise helps stimulate the nervous system and can burn  five calories.

“At Home” 

  1. Jog around: Jog to the mailbox or take one lap circling the house or take the stairs up and down to shed a few pounds. Burn 35-140 calories by doing this.
  2. Light Butter:  use light whipped butter instead of the normal butter. This could cut down half of the calories. Helps save 30 calories.
  3. Calf Toning Stairs: Standing on the bottom step, bend the right leg while putting the left leg at the edge of the step. Lower the heel and then rise up on the toes. Do the same with each foot for about eight to twelve repetitions and burn ten calories in just a few minutes.
  4. Start with Clear Soup: Instead of going for the salad with a lot of mayonnaise dressing, eat clear soup. This could save twice as many calories and keep one full and satisfied for a longer time. This helps save 100 calories.
  5. Playing Footsie: While still sitting at the dining table after dinner; lift a leg up and down. Hold in the up position for five seconds then lower the leg. Do this with each leg at least five times to sculpt the quadriceps. Burn ten calories in about a minute.
  6. Healthy Pasta: Instead of making the whole wheat pasta, try making pasta with semolina (inner and granular endosperm of wheat which is not yet ground into flour). A small portion will help signal fullness quicker. Helps save fifty calories.
  7. Climb to Lose: Experts say that climbing the stairs for twenty minutes five days a week can help shed the same number of calories as a twenty-minute walk. Helps burn 100-140 calories.
  8. Fruit for a Pie: Instead of the pie, just snack on fruits like apples, pears and cherries and microwave for a minute. It is an amazing substitute for a pie. Save 275 calories without eating the sweet-filled pie.
  9. Food Cake for Dessert: Experts opine that angel food cake is simply packed with air and contains less than half the calories contained in pound cakes. Save 70 calories here for dessert with an angel food cake.
  10. Relaxed Evenings: For instant relaxation, hold the wrist of the other hand above the head to lengthen the spinal chord. Hold the position for twenty seconds while inhaling and exhaling slowly. Take a longer time to exhale and find that it does not just help to relax yourself but helps burn five calories too.
  11. Go Slow on Candies: Experts opine that a better option than the sweet candy bars would be a low-calorie chocolate pudding with whipped cream which can help save 185 calories. Savor the taste by eating with a small spoon.
  12. Walk to the Remote: Keep the remote control away if watching the television while lying down or on a couch. Crunch on healthy snacks while you’re getting up to switch the channel to watch a program. Reaching out for the remote can help tone the abs and can burn as much as twenty-four calories.
  13. Lift the Hips: Before going to bed, lie down straight on the floor with the legs up on the bed or chair. Then bending the knees, slowly try lifting the hips off the floor. Hold for five seconds, then repeat the move ten to twelve times. This exercise can not only strengthen the core and hamstrings but can also help burn ten calories.

“During the Weekend” – How to spend a healthy weekend.

  1. Singing Calories Away: Spend every Sunday morning singing aloud at the church service to burn 70 calories in each service.
  2. Bacon for Dinner: Instead of sausage, order three slices of crisp bacon and make sure that all the cheese and grease are blotted off if dining out during the weekend. This bacon dinner can help save 90 calories.
  3. Quit Being a Benchwarmer: While the kids play a game of ball, get up from the benches and take a lap around the field or gym. Four to five times around can be enough to cover almost two kilometers, which burns about 75 calories at that rate.
  4. Healthy Movie Trips: It is reported that people eat 45 % more popcorn from large containers than smaller ones while watching movies. Switch to a small one and bring along seasoned salt to add more flavor. Save 350 calories here at the movies.
  5. Going to the Orient (Restaurant Style): If Chinese is on the menu this weekend, be do not order fried food. If the food is covered in a breading, it is fried. Have grilled meat and plenty of vegetables. If an egg roll is a must, try eating just the insides and leave the shell.  Save 400-500 calories here.
  6. Frisbee: Play a game of Frisbee with the kids and burn 90 calories.
  7. Cheeseless Pizza: Order pizza with half the cheese or a white pizza to save 100 calories
  8. Rethink the Drink: Consider beer or wine instead of frozen drinks like the strawberry daiquiri that contains 300 calories and the margarita which contains 340 calories. Beer has only 140 calories and wine has 126 calories. Save 150-200 calories with a bottle of beer or wine.
  9. Substitute for Chocolate Ice Cream: Experts opine that it would be a better option to indulge in chocolate sorbet than in chocolate ice cream to save 125 calories.
  10. Tussle for Ice Cream: Switch from a bowl of ice cream at bedtime to tussle to burn 300 calories.

Think it over. These tips aren’t just easy but simple ways to get back to shape. Try the above creative habits and beat fat in no time.

Start with a comprehensive plan of slashing 100 calories in one day to maybe losing about five kilos in one year, or 250 calories per day to shed 11 kilos in one year or 500 calories in one day to shed 22 kilos in a year. As good as it sounds; this is based on a 70 kilo person.

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