Why Do We Love Winning?

Winning seems to be the most sought after thing as of today. So whether it is about Robert Mugabe winning the presidential election in Zimbabwe for the 28th year ever since the country got its independence from British rule in 1980 to Spain winning the Euro 2008 trophy against Germany on the very day, that is Sunday (29th of June 2008); winning is important in todayai??i??s world.

Do you put your efforts away when everything fails around you? Well, you shouldnai??i??t because giving up is the precursor of having lost the battle forever. So what does winning really require? Some believe that success depends on competitive excellence and chance, while others claim that winning comes with a consensus of courage, effort and wisdom to achieving oneai??i??s goals and/or desires in life.

Hence, winning is the act of being able to combine and control the biggest virtues of mankind – patience, perseverance and hard work towards making “winning” so special to us!

So What Does One Do to Win?

Well, as easy it sounds, winning requires great effort. Two major factors that contribute towards winning are, an excellent combination of both:

  • Your incessant instincts
  • Strategies that could grease your positive outlook and self-estimation
Do You Have the Winning Energy?

Winning energy is nothing but that, which crosses barriers of rationality, explanation and justification to strike the deep-seated chords of our heart. So have you ever wondered why your heart starts pumping faster when James McAvoy curves the bullet to whisk past Angelina Jolieai??i??s mane in “Wanted” or in the latest bond flick where Daniel Craigai??i??s chase after the miscreant is much dramatized? Yes, it is the winnerai??i??s energy that is exhibited with and through their performance.

Well, these are winners in their own respective fields whose radiance and charm goes unmatchable and incomparable to reaching the very corners of our hearts we think only the BEST deserve to occupy. So, knowingly or unknowingly we store the achievements of people in our hearts with the urge of becoming winners one day!

Winning Inspires!: Sure it does thereby giving hope to the ordinary people for success and happiness in their lives. After all, winners are always loved. That makes “winning” important in this world. Everybody wishes to be one of a kind. How about Dara Torres, now 41 and still standing proud to be able to qualify the American Swimming Olympics trials? Mother to a 2 year old daughter this mother has hit the waters for the third time after retiring from her swimming career. In 1982, when she was only at her modest 14 years of life, the girl managed to break one of the three world records crowned to her name.

Standing against all odds – cynical coaches, hesitant mothers, etc Dara is a ray of “hope” to married women, older women and even lactating mothers alike. She inspires them to live the dreams at all ages and almost at every age in spite of shouldering the responsibilities of their home, kids, etc.

The most obvious statement coming against this determined lady is “How is it possible?” Michael Joyner, an athlete and anesthesiologist at Mayo Clinic thinks otherwise. He says that short-swims are well-suited for older women too. He further adds that as compared to running, swimming is a much more effective exercise that comes with minimal injuries.

Who is a Winner?

Do we have some typical traits to be a winner? If yes, then how do we make the “winning attitude” our very own? Letai??i??s have a look at the following characteristics and/or traits of a winner:

  • Ability to focus on long-term goals even when the short-term goals are not materializing.
  • A winner resists the temptation to find excuses or blame others, the economy or competition for whatever goes wrong.
  • A winner explores different options and opportunities and faces risks and/or challenges. So a winner believes in honing oneai??i??s skills.
  • Possessing a ai???winnerai??i??s attitudeai??i?? also means focusing on the “value” of the product or service.
  • Winnerai??i??s never give up.
  • A winner is a curious and adaptive learner.
  • A winner is retains his or her enthusiasm and optimism come what may.
Do Winners Ever Lose?

Of course, they must have in some point in time. Ups and downs are a part of life and no man or woman is devoid of either; the only difference being that winners never grief at their losses and always find a way of rising from them.

Is Winning an Obsession?

Some opine that “winning is not just everything but the only thing” that exists in todayai??i??s competitive world. So whether an obsession or not, winning makes one proud of himself or herself in front of strangers and loved ones alike. But where does one draw the line?

Well, the rationale of success or winning lies in not being able to lose the self or the spirit. Winning as an obsession can become dangerous for people when one is unable to identify with his own existence and others around him or her. So whether itai??i??s about wining a lottery ticket, getting admission in top universities and/or institutions or about winning the grand slam, wining starts by being true to yourself.

As kids, most of us are told that “losing is okay”. Donai??i?? you think that parents could be preaching hypocrisy as some believe? Well, a more realistic approach would be to tell your kids that “winning is important but even more important than that is to be able to build your flexibility against defeat”.

Finally, the first thing that may have crossed your mind is that – is winning restricted material gains alone? Certainly not, otherwise why would Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi be timeless examples and/or winners that ever existed in this world. So, even though winning is normally linked with money and fame, success is really about a wholesome and unified growth of the mind, money and spirit!!

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