Is Crying Good for You?

Crying relieves you of pent up emotions. It reduces the stress levels. We cry for various reasons. Most of the time we cry when we are sad. But tears also flow when we are happy. It is good to cry. Why so?

Why Crying is Good?

  • It relieves you of your tensions
  • It manages stress
  • Form of communication. One can express one’s feelings through it
  • Conveys love for another person. It brings people closer. We cry for our loved one. A baby cries for its mother
  • Crying helps you get over a hurt. By crying, you forget the seriousness of the event
  • Crying indicates deep feelings. It can reflect anger or happiness
  • It releases frustrations
  • Crying is a safety valve to pent up emotions
  • You feel relaxed after a good cry
  • Crying cleans the eyes. Dirt is removed
  • It reduces blood pressure. Since your are relieved of stress, your blood pressure levels come down
  • Crying can also indicate some illness. When you are in pain you cry
  • Crying can express what words cannot

Crying is generally considered to be a negative emotion, but it has its benefits too. Shedding tears relieves you of your worries. People cry when they are hurt or in love. The feelings vary from individual to individual. It is normal to cry.

9 responses to Is Crying Good for You?

  1. this is stupido and i will never shed ono tear cause i hunka dunks. take dat!

  2. i think crying is good, i cryed on my last day of school becuz of someone i care for,i feel better,im not over it but better for now.

  3. For Hunka Dunks: I don’t understand what you are talking about. You have never cried?

  4. i can never cry in front of anyone

  5. I don’t know, i’m slightly worried since ive been dumped because i dont show emotion other than happiness regardless of the situation. stupid right?

    I havent cried since i was 6 so i was wondering if that can have any impact on other aspects of my life?

    please help

  6. yes, i was hurt in love. So i cried softly letting off my emotions. I haven’t still got over it.

  7. I keep everything inside past girls work home bad move for years i will keep it inside saying men dont cry ur a pussy when you cry but today am a pussy because people i feel mush better and thats that. Crying helps.

  8. I cried because my dad accidentally threw away my favorite pillow. One I had since I was born. Now it’s in the trash and I would do ANYTHING to find it!!!! How much I want it back??: To the point where suicide is needed. or I could be homeless!! please!!

  9. To Tanni: yes, it can have an impact on ur life have u not noticed yourself? ur probably a wreck .. u need to let out some emotions..be honest do u like ur life?how old r u ? u havent cried sence u were 6! thats jacked up!

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