Are Dreams Shaped By Past Events?

We dream a lot, sometime in our sleep or while having an afternoon nap. Events that occurred in our past emerge in front of us. We recall events, persons through these dreams. In flash of a second, everything that occurred in the past comes to fore. Whatever said and done we learn a lot about others and ourselves in a dream.

How Past Events Emerge in a Dream?

  • Dreams bring into focus events that you may have forgotten
  • Any unusual event or dramatic event often appears in your dreams again
  • A disturbing event that may have occurred during the day time comes into mind again through dreams
  • Any verbal exchange between two individuals like a boss and his employee can occur again in a dream
  • Dreams can be sweet also. Sweet event or rather happy events are often recalled through dreams
  • If some event occurs in the present it is connected to the past through dreams
  • Deep memories come into focus, like your childhood spent with your grandparents
  • One might also remember words which otherwise one might find difficult to recall
  • Photographically also dreams are volatile. You find a complete image of a person emerging in front of you
  • Dreams are imaginary but are often related to true events that occurred in the past
  • A dream by recalling past events may help you take a decision or cope up with life
  • A dream can reveal who your true friends are and who in the past tried to work against you
  • A dream can unfold danger that may have occurred earlier. You can take precautions in the present
  • It unfolds and develops creativity. Many painters have painted after experiencing dreams. Many compositions have been rendered after dreams

Dreams are in the realm of the mind. One recalls past events through them. Much can achieved by dreaming.

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