How to Stay Awake at Work?

One needs to be alert at work place. Trying to stay awake sometimes may be difficult, but one is forced to do so. One cannot sleep at work place. How does one stay awake at work place?

Tips to Stay Awake at Work Place

  • Begin the day with a good breakfast. One should get all the energy necessary to work and not feel tired and listless. One might feel sleepy when one is tired
  • Walk in the office. Go over to a colleague, rather than calling him up or sending him an email. Walking improves the blood circulation and any movement keeps you awake
  • Eat a light lunch. A heavy lunch may make you sleepy
  • Keep some snacks around that will keep you awake, like whole- wheat crackers, low-fat cheese. They provide you energy throughout the day. Eating a chocolate bar will not help
  • Sleep well at night. The hangover may persist the next day if you do not sleep well. You may sleep in the office
  • Converse with co-workers. A lively and interesting conversation will keep you awake
  • One can call in sick if one is very sleepy and cannot keep oneself awake
  • In lecture meeting take down notes as this would keep your mind awake
  • Multi-tasking helps. Do many things simultaneously. Keeps you alert
  • Stimulating thoughts will keep you happy and awake throughout the day. Think of something nice
  • Surf the net when you have free time. Send emails to a friend
  • Try to entertain yourself by flirting with someone
  • If there is a nap place in your place of work then take a nap
  • Listen to music during your free time

One has to avoid falling asleep at work. The previous night may have been a bad night, but yet you must be alert the next day at office. One has to make a little effort to stay awake.

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