Physical Well being Reflects Your Mental Outlook

A sound physical health would mean a healthy mind as well. A person who is physically active is also mentally active. Body and mind are interlinked. If the mind is sick then the body also falls ill and vice versa. One must exercise and keep the body fit. A well- exercised body would mean a well- exercised mind. If one is healthy, one feels positive. Let us understand this further.

How Physical Well being Affects Mental Outlook?

  • A healthy feeling makes you feel positive
  • Exercise keeps the body fit. When the body is fit you feel good. Mentally you feel very comfortable
  • Physical activity improves blood circulation, which in turn keeps the brain well geared. The mind is alert due to better blood circulation. Your memory is sharp
  • If the body is sound, then the chances of suffering from major illnesses is less. This helps mentally also as these illness do have psychological effects. For example, Diabetes can lead to depression
  • Eating the right kind of food means avoiding problems like obesity. Obesity can affect you psychologically. One feels low when one is overweight
  • Physical fitness improves self-esteem. A person feels confident if his or her physical health is good
  • Anger, frustration, irritation are often felt when one is not physically well
  • One feels motivated if physical well-being is present. One feels like doing things. The feeling of lethargy is overcome
  • Chronic illness can make a person feel unorganized and depressed
  • Terminally ill patients also suffer from depression
  • A person who is physically overworked may feel mentally stressed
  • Ill health leads to poor mental outlook
  • Physical relaxation leads to mental relaxation
  • An energetic body revitalizes the mind

Body and mind are closely liked. Both have to be in good shape. If the body is fit, the mind remains active and alert. Similarly, if the mind is not well, then physical illnesses develop. Physical well-being is reflective of a positive outlook towards life.

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