Marrying Within Family Increases Risk of Inheriting Abnormalities

Marrying within family can cause abnormality. In many societies marriages take place among cousins. But in some countries this is not a practice. Genetic closeness causes mental and physical deficiencies among children born to parents who belong to the same family. How does this occur? Let us observe further.

What abnormalities occur due to marriages within family?

  • Marriages within cousins causes thalassaemia among children
  • Birth defects are high in marriages within the family
  • Possibility of both parents sharing a common harmful gene and passing it on to the child
  • The nervous system gets affected as well as the sense organs
  • The skin color may be pink and the hair white
  • Squint in children
  • The eye lacks pigmentation- this is known as Abinism
  • It also causes night blindness leading to Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Photophobia also occurs, which is decreased visual acuity, refractive errors and moving eye
  • Anridia also is prevalent. This is a congenital defect where the iris is absent
  • Increased risk of still births
  • Higher rate of pediatric defects
  • Chances of perinatal mortality
  • Malformations
  • Mental retardation
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • It can lead to chronic renal failure
  • Neonatal diabetes mellitus
  • These marriage can cause blindness
  • Deafness can also occur
  • The possibility of miscarriages and abortions is there

Marrying within the family can lead to birth defects and other genetic problems. Many families now prefer to marry outside their families in order to have healthy babies. Health risks are many in such marriages.

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