Why Men Take Longer to Groom Themselves Than Women?

Men are also “beauty conscious”. Similar to women, they also spend time on grooming themselves. In fact they take longer than women. Women were earlier accused of spending too much time on getting dressed. But now men spend equal amount of time on choosing their attire and looking good. Women need to complain about men spending too much time in front of the mirror, rather than the other way around.

Why Men Take More Time To Groom Themselves?
Men have also become fashion conscious. They like to look good and wear attire that is latest in the market. They would like to look attractive to the opposite sex. In fact one could say men have become vain. In todayai??i??s competitive world, attire has become very important. Even at the workplace one needs to dress up appropriately.

Professional men like to impress upon their clients by dressing up well. Their choice of colors, accessories make them stand out. They must look good while doing business. Their hairstyles match their personalities and the perfumes they use or after-shave lotions should gel with their general look. Much money is spent on purchasing these after-shave lotions so that they smell good. People should not get put off due to bad odor. Hairstyles should enhance their personality.

Men spend a lot of time in preening according to a study conducted on men from North of England. They spend more than 30 minutes. The main reason is to look good. More time spent on grooming, the better chances they had of attracting the opposite sex.

If out on a date or going for a job interview, most men preferred to groom themselves well. Increased interest in looks has resulted in more sales in male grooming products, which the modern man cannot do without. According to Nielsen findings, in Australia, the sales of men toiletries have increased by 5 % every year.

Men use creams, moisturizers, scrubs, toners and cleansers. They spend a lot of time on taking care of their skin. Gone are the days when soap and water was used only. Men also fix appointments with their hairdressers. They go in for hairstyles similar to popular cine-stars. They replicate their hairstyles. They also condition their hair and use the best shampoos in the market.

Men also like to look good. They also spend a lot of time on taking care of themselves. They use beauty products, which are best in the market. They are as vain as woman, in fact more so.

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