Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

Increased intelligence is beneficial. It improves your social interactions and your productivity at work also goes up. You are more alert and sharp in remembering things. We all like to be intelligent. It is a highly cherished attribute of our personality. Can we become more intelligent then we already are?

Tips To Increase Our Intelligence

  • Get into the habit of thinking. The more we think, the more aware we are
  • Work with an objective. Objectives permit us to plan well. We know what we are doing
  • We must reason well. Reasoning helps us to be logical. We think of the functioning of the object as well as the activity
  • Have alternate plans. We must have other activities to do in case we are unable to perform one
  • We must obtain adequate information about a particular thing or situation. We should know everything about our environment and the momentary action we are pursuing
  • One must select the best action plan. One should aim for effective short term and long term effects
  • Act upon the results. Also observe them and preserve the experiences for future use. One needs to act in order to reach oneai??i??s goals
  • Practice. One should learn to think by practicing. Practice makes us perfect
  • Breathing exercises help to improve your brain- power. They improve your memory and alertness
  • From diet perspective, take sufficient vitamins and minerals

Intelligence helps you to perform your tasks better. It permits you to take the right decisions at the right time. You are able to plan ahead and thus reach your goals. You stand above others if you are intelligent. One can try to improve upon it

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