How to Overcome Medical Test Anxiety?

Medical test anxiety is a feeling many experience. Many patients are apprehensive about the medical test they have to undergo. They are concerned with the outcome of the test as well as the procedure. Some tests take a long time to be processed. The patient may find the procedure very tedious and at times very painful. How does the patient overcome this feeling?

Tips to Overcome Medical Test Anxiety

  • One can try to relax before going in for a test. One should divert the mind. Find yourself an interesting hobby and be involved in it
  • Do not have pre-conceived notions about the test. Do not assume the outcome
  • Be positive about the results. Do not expect the worst
  • Listen to music. Many doctors in hospitals are playing favorite tunes of the patients to reduce their anxiety levels while undergoing a test. Music relaxes the mind
  • Get the required information about the procedure of the test. You are well prepared for it in advance
  • Spend time with “fun friends”. Enjoy yourself. Let these friends make you laugh a lot. Your mind will be preoccupied and off the medical test
  • Exercise. Go for a walk, or for a ride on the bicycle or go for a swim. The extra energy will get spent fruitfully rather than worrying about the medical test
  • Go for a movie or watch one on the video. You can also watch a play
  • Read a book
  • Get some support. Ask a friend to be there with you while the results are being told
  • Insist upon the results being declared as quickly as possible
  • You can take anti-anxiety medication
  • If the results are okay then take some time out to spend it leisurely. You must overcome the ordeal you underwent

Medical tests generate anxiety. Many people dread to undergo a test. They worry about the outcome. Efforts must be made to overcome this discomfort.

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