Tooth Whitening Techniques

We all like to have white teeth. A smile with a good set of teeth is attractive. It draws immediate attention. Stained teeth give a bad impression. People spend heavy amounts of money at the dentistai??i??s office to have perfect teeth. Tooth whitening techniques are available. One should try them out for better teeth.

Various Tooth Whitening Techniques

  • Whitening gel in toothpastes helps in whitening the teeth
  • Whitening products as directed by the dentist should be used
  • Bleaching techniques are available. Bleaching agents can be found in products available across the counter
  • In-office laser tooth whitening is also recommended. This consists of laser light and bleaching gel which are used in conjunction
  • At-home teeth whitening techniques with trays that are custom fit
  • Teeth bleaching kits are also available
  • Whitening strips are available The exact dose of carbamide peroixide is pre-applied on them
  • Whitening toothpaste. They take time to show results. Much would depend on how long and often you brush

Make sure that your teeth are white. Many techniques are available to make your teeth white. Consult your dentist for the best choice.

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  1. the best teeth whitening agents are still based on peroxides,~;

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