Is It Safe To Use a Hair Spray?

It is safe to use one, but there are side-effects. The hair spray contains chemicals, which can be bad for the hair. Yet, many people use hair-sprays to set their hair. It keeps it tidy. After setting your hair, it is good to spray the hair with a hair spray. The hair does not fly all over your face. It remains in one place. You must use a good brand and not any hair spray. You must be selective while purchasing a hair spray. Why so?

Hair Spray – Not Always Safe to Use

  • Hair spray contains chemicals which can be bad for health
  • It has propellants. Earlier they used chlorofluorocarbons 11 and 12 which are non-flammable. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned them as they damage the ozone layer of the earth. Ozone layer protects us from the rays of the sun. The ozone layer thins due to the use of hair spray
  • The new propellant gases being used in the hair-spray are flammable
  • Being flammable, it can sometimes result in death
  • The films and perfumes can sometimes cause allergic reactions, su cc as sneezing and skin reactions
  • Its long term usage can cause lung conditions such as thesaurosis- the accumulation of foreign or normal substances in the body
  • One should use hair-spray in a limited manner and in a well-ventilated room

Hair-spray can keep you hair in good shape, but they do contain ingredients that are health hazardous. One should not use too much of it. Also, a recognized brand should be used. Use it carefully.

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  1. I never need hairspray to keep my hair down. My hair is never messed up when I wake up so I never use hairspray. Should I be using it? The article says that it keeps hair in good shape so I don’t really know. Someone please respond!

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