Are You Likely To Wake Up During Surgery?

Yes. Anesthesia awareness keeps you awake during surgery. Many patients are aware of the surgery and undergo a trauma due to it. Those who have undergone a heart surgery, or cesarean and other surgeries have woken up during the process. Seeing the doctors and feeling the knife can be a frightening experience. What actually happens when you wake up during surgery?

How Is It To Wake- Up During Surgery?

  • The patient undergoes anesthesia awareness and is aware of what is happening on the operation table
  • It is a lapse on the part of the anesthetist, who fails to administer sufficient dose of anesthesia
  • The patient is able to hear what the doctors are saying and also see them
  • The worst experience is when the patient feels the knife and other instruments being used on her body
  • The patient is unable to speak up as she is under the anesthesia influence and has to more or less mutely face the operation
  • Patients undergo post-traumatic experience such as depression, sleeplessness and suicide as well
  • Many patients undergo psychological trauma after the experience, despite not having a history of psychological trauma
  • Monitoring devices are being used to assess the brain waves so that the anesthetist can be alerted

Waking up during surgery is indeed a bad experience for the patient. He or she is unable to express the discomfort faced during the operation. Even through major operations, the patient remains awake. Efforts are on to ensure that a such situation does not occur. The doctors check the brain waves to alert the anesthetist.

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