Why is there a risk for remarried couples?

The greater part of our life is lived through assumption than lived and that is why perhaps things that could have been successful fail even after we had worked harder. Most people want a marriage that will last a lifetime.

A couple’s expectations of marriage are often influenced by their past. They want it something like that of their parents’ or something different. In most cases the first marriage does not live up to their expectations so they may expect this new remarriage to be the one they always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, couples entering their first marriage have approximately a 50% chance of getting divorced. Remarriage carries an even greater riskai??i??nearly a 60% divorce rate, with the greatest risk of divorce for remarried couples with stepchildren.

Remarriages tend to include more individuals who may have certain personality characteristics that increase their likelihood for divorce e.g., impulsivity, neuroticism etc.

  • Remarriages do not have the social support that first time marriages receive
  • Remarried people often see divorce as an option for ending marital problems
  • Many remarried couples fail to resolve their marital disagreements

Remarriage is not always gloomy. Some researchers feel that “ignoring strengths and illuminating the problems that remarriage families face may create a negative self-fulfilling prophesy” (Duncan & Brown, 1992).

Remarriages are often successful. Couples need to keep in mind that they need to work on their marriage. Marriage is more than just loving each other. It is more about how they communicate and handle conflicts and disagreements. Although problems will most certainly arise, what the couples need to remember is that remarriages need the same effective and consistent nurturing as first marriages. They just cannot expect things to work on their own.

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