Is Marijuana Safer than Alcohol?

Is Marijuana Safer than AlcoholFor most people, low risk alcohol use will not cause a person to become impaired. There is no way a person can use marijuana and not become impaired.

Teenagers think Drugged Driving is safer than drunk driving. In reality marijuana can affect concentration, perception and reaction time up to 24 hours after it’s smoked says the federal director of drug policies, John Walters. That is much, much longer than alcohol can affect behavior.

But while marijuana might affect behavior much longer than alcohol and be much more dangerous for driving, it is much safer in that people are very rarely arrested for driving while drugged.

Marijuana is especially attractive to teenagers because it’s easier to hide than alcohol, a person can get high faster than they can get intoxicated, and parents don’t detect marijuana. In addition, recent nation-wide research has found it easier for young people to buy marijuana than beer because of increased enforcement of laws against the sale of alcoholic beverages to underage persons.

Alcohol Facts

  • If one takes one drink in an hour the alcohol concentration in the blood is .02% – .04% and the physical/psychological effects are: No overt effect, slight mood elevation.
  • If one takes two drinks in an hour the alcohol concentration in the blood is .05% – .07% and the physical/psychological effects are: Warm relaxed feelings, slight decrease in reaction time and muscle coordination.
  • If one takes three drinks in an hour the alcohol concentration in the blood is .08% – .11% and the physical/psychological effects are: Euphoria, balance, speech, & hearing slightly impaired. Increased confidence; decreased coordination.
  • If one takes four drinks in an hour the alcohol concentration in the blood is .11% – .15% and the physical/psychological effects are: Loss of motor coordination and balance, mental faculties & judgement impaired.
  • If one takes five to six drinks in an hour the alcohol concentration in the blood is .14% – .18% and the physical/psychological effects are: Major impairment of mental & physical control, slurred speech, blurred vision and lack of motor skills.
  • If one takes seven to nine drinks in an hour the alcohol concentration in the blood is .20% – .29% and the physical/psychological effects are: Needs assistance with movement, mental confusion.
  • If one takes ten to thirteen drinks in an hour the alcohol concentration in the blood is .30% – .39%and the physical/psychological effects are: Severe intoxication, minimal control of mind & body.
  • If one takes fourteen to seventeen drinks in an hour the alcohol concentration in the blood is .40% – .59% and the physical/psychological effects are: Unconsciousness; comatose.
  • If one takes eighteen and more drinks in an hour the alcohol concentration in the blood is .60%+ and the physical/psychological effects are: Death from respiratory failure.

Marijuana Facts

The level of THC in marijuana:
In the 60s, marijuana had a THC (the active ingredient that gets people high) level of 7 percent to 14 percent. The pot on the streets today has a THC level of 14 percent to 27 percent. With each hit off a bong or pipe, marijuana smokers inhale more than 150 cancer-causing substances and almost twice as much tar as they would from a tobacco cigarette. Other short-term side effects include short-term memory loss, impaired abstract thinking, and slower reaction time.

Marijuana can be addictive:
Many treatment centers around the country are treating patients who have a primary addiction to marijuana. Withdrawal signs show up between 10-15 days after the last use and can include any of the following: sleeplessness, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, loss of appetite, and cravings to use the drug or other drugs.

Many people are smoking marijuana:
Not at all true. If all of your friends are smoking, that might indicate a potential problem with your choice of friends.

Marijuana has medicinal value:
True, but marijuana cannot be the safest drug for cancer patients and people with AIDS who have a weak immune system as marijuana kills all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the body. Modern science now has a drug called Marinol, which mimics marijuana in the system without the side effects of street pot.

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  1. Your so called “facts” on marijuana are ludicrous and false. Pot does NOT cause cancer. Latest studies prove it inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Do a Google search on “marijuana cancer” and read the clinical studies for yourself. The vast majority of people getting “treatment” for marijuana are their because the court ordered it because they got caught with it. Millions of good US citizens smoke it with no ill effects. NO ONE has ever died from pot…ever! “It kills all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the body”; What a load of crap. Shame on you. You should get your facts straight before you go spewing your untruths. Pure nonsense.

  2. Actually, it’s quite easy to use Marijuana in smaller amounts, just to get a mild buzz, without being impaired. I often do that more than I get stoned silly… Sometimes I’d rather enjoy a mild buzz and experience enhancement, than be stoned out of my mind, unable to function or think straight.

    Claiming that Marijuana can’t be used in small amounts, without impairment, only shows how little the writer actually knows about it.
    Certainly no experience with Marijuana’s actual effects.

    And I wont even get into how bullshit those “facts” were… -_- Good lord what a load of crock.

  3. Marijuana is a wonderful, harmless drug, stop spewing your lies.

  4. I would like to address some inaccuracies in your article.

    The definitions of impaired include weakened, diminished, damaged; functioning poorly or inadequately; and deficient or incompetent. Your assertion that a person can use alcohol without becoming impaired implies that you are using impaired to mean intoxicated to the point where one can not function adequately. It is true that ingesting a small amount of alcohol relative to your weight and experience will not have a drastic or even noticeable effect on how you function.

    Your inaccuracy lies in your belief that cannabinoids, the chemicals in marijuana that are responsible for its intoxicating effects, are different from alcohol. Cannabinoids intoxicate people in a similar manner as alcohol and most other intoxicants. A higher dose relative to a person’s size and experience will produce a greater effect. This being true, it is completely possible for a person to ingest a small amount of cannabinoids and achieve a low level of intoxication that does not cause the person to become impaired.

    You repeat a claim that marijuana can effect a user for up to 24 hours. I would like to see the research that is the source of this claim. The US Drug Enforcement Agency’s website states that marijuana’s effects last for only 1 to 3 hours, much like alcohol.

    You assertion that people can get high after than they can get drunk does not make much sense. A person who ingests a few ounces of high proof alcohol will become intoxicated in a matter of minutes. Also, the idea that a parent can not detect marijuana but can detect alcohol is baseless. Both alcohol and marijuana use leave a distinct smells and physical effects on the user, such as blood shot eyes, that are easily detected.

    Marijuana, much like alcohol, comes in a variety of strengths. While the more potent marijuana is more prevalent today than it was in the past, mostly due to more domestic production where the potency degrades less during transport, this does not mean that the lower potency marijuana has been lessened or eradicated.

    In the largest case controlled study to date, conducted by Dr. Tashkin of UCLA, there was a negative correlation found between the use of marijuana and the development of cancer.

    The majority of people who are in drug addiction programs for marijuana are there under court order and attend not because they feel that they are addicted, but to complete a deal with the court in which they avoid time in jail.

    According to the US government, the majority of people have used marijuana. In a 2006 survey, 57.6% of young adults said they had used marijuana in their lifetime.

    Marinol has been shown to be ineffective and controlling nausea in HIV/AIDS and cancer patients. Your assertion that marijuana ‘kills’ the vitamin, mineral and antioxidants in the body is pure nonsense as these substances are not alive and can not be ‘killed’.

  5. On top of the false “Facts” that Pete stated, Marijuana does not weaken the immune system. Studies show that AIDS patients will last longer with marijuana use and there have actually been cases that full Blown AIDS Patients have been brought back to the HIV status.
    Marinol is proof that the FDA agree’s Marijuana does have medical benefit but Marinol does not mimic enough of marijuana. Plus, if a patient is getting sick every time they swallow something then why would you try to treat that with a pill they have to swallow.
    There have also been a lot of studies on the addictive power of Marijuana and all the research has proven that Marijuana is less addictive than Alcohol, Tobacco or even Caffine.
    Your Fact are very wrong and before you write an article like this you may want to do a little research. BTW, Research is more than looking at one website http://www.valdosta.edu/aode/AlcoholMarijuanaFacts.shtml
    You could have atleast given them credit for the article they wrote.

  6. marijauna is good for you it can cure cancer.it can make you more creative. it relieves stress it can help you sleep and so on…
    you need to check your information!!!!!!

  7. It is obvious that the responses which are disagreeing with this current point-of-view are being put forth by marijuana users. Myself, I also smoked fairly frequently, but have not for 3 months now because I do realize that it is addictive, as damaging as cigarette smoking, and I need to clean up my life. I cannot think straight, my memory is not what it once was, and I have acquired friends which I wish deep down, I had never gained. They are not friends I am proud of, and I cannot trust them. Since quitting smoking (marijuana), I am more creative, get more accomplished, stick to deadlines better, and am more reliable. My ability to play music has increased, and my marketing ideas are more clear, as well as my ability to evaluate reality. This is from an (hopefully) ex-marijuana user. It really will make a difference in your life (as it is in mine), if you can quit. I am trying, and finding it very difficult… as difficult as it was to quit smoking cigarettes 5 years ago. I find it interesting (ironic) how marijuana users have all the facts straight about how safe and good marijuana use is, and in reality, they spend most of their time researching positive information to support marijuana use, instead of contributing positively to society, their careers, families, relationships, etc. All of us pot users can get upset at my comments, but 6 months ago I would have never been able to come to grips with this reality either. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

    • navi that may just be in your case that not smoking weed suits you better but just because its not for you dont tell us that we are wrong for enjoying it and I hoped that after being a smoker yourself you would be able to see that this article is pure lies and is dumbing down the people . . it does not give you cancer a recent study showed that people who smoke weed and no tobacco have no cancer related problems . . but sure that doesnt matter to you seeing as you dont smoke anymore, you probably just drink alcohol now . . .enjoy liver failure and making a show of yourself on a night out , gettin sick and dieing with a hangover all the next day . . way to be brainwashed you fool.

  8. If pot gives you lung cancer, why don’t all the Rastafarian’s have it?

  9. well guys , i have to tell you , that im one of the persons who love marihuana , but actually I ended up reading this article becouse i deside it to take a break or quit smoking after 2 years smoking daily and for some reasons i dont sleep well , im nervous and ancious the whole time , and have even lost the interested in many other things that this life has to offer , I was glad once I read that this bad feeling only last about 10 to 15 days after quitting it , its a pity but thats the way it is , if you dont believe me then smoke constantly 2 years and quit it

  10. just to let you guys know, i have smoked some fat blunts everyday for he past 2 years pretty much. I am in great shape, work out and play full games of basketball without a problem, i have a 3.3 gpa in college and am going for marketing(last semester i got a 3.5) and i just transferred into the college of my dreams. I have no problems getting my work done and often attend class high and participate with no problems. I started smoking my senior year of high school and every since then i have seen constant improvment in my life. I was a terrible student in high school and didnt have good relationships with family and friends. Now i am totally focused on school and work and really dont see a problem with recreational marijuanna use by responsible adults. It is all about your own personality and drive to get things done. You can smoke weed and still be prodctive by incorportating it into the things you do. Stop blaming smoking and take responsiblility for yourself.

  11. I smoked moderately for years. I did a simple strenght test. graphed daily push ups (maximum
    number) then smoked after two weeks. my maximum dropped about 15% . several years later repeated the test. same result. Lasted

    for two days. got many creative ideas; about 5% useful ones. injured my body twice skiing stoned. am an expert skier.

  12. Riddle me this……had a brain stem glioma removed in apr 1998..just hit 10 years…and its taken a lot to get back to this point. I have used marijuana starting in 1996 after high school and military service.
    I’ve never taken the time to go through college…anyways…I have had MRI’s over the past ten years and every time, the doctors report there is no change. In light of recent findings, i can stick to my story that it hasn’t grown because of me smoking. My wife makes every effort to make sure i have it…I love her.

  13. Wow, this reminds me of the anti-drug websites and books that my school fed and preached to me during high school. Then, i decided to actually see if all that bs was true and it turned out to be mostly false and extreme exagerations.
    I enjoy getting high occasionally with weed among other drugs and have no adverse effects and play quite a few sports (soccer, hockey, football) and am doing well in school, so drugs have not negatively impacted my life.
    I just think hard drugs are what people should be putting their time and money into to prevent people from putting in their bodies (Heroin, Meth, Coke).

    DON’T waste your time on a drug that is harmless to the general public and therapeutic to the sick.

  14. I agree with most of these comments. There are some slight variations I find. Some people have expressed a very strong difficulty when quitting, some people have said they go to classes high, and others say that they that they are much better off now that they have quit. Marijuana is a drug just like any other drugs. You know all of those advertisements on TV where they say “(so-and-so medication) is not for everyone.” Marijuana is no exception. I have a fair share of friends. Some of these people I used to smoke with and have since found that they do not like it anymore because of some ill effect that they have from it. Others, like myself, enjoy it tremendously and find some wonderful benefits from daily use. I am like bluntman; I’ve gone to many of my classes high for the past three years in college (I am now a senior), hold a 3.5 GPA, am running my own business, and smoke every day. I have recently stopped smoking for a month, not out of necessity, but just because I want to! And you know what? it’s totally awesome! This month has been wonderful to me, as it has the past times that I’ve quit for months at a time. I find myself going to bed earlier, enjoying myself, and loving my life. I have never once felt any signs of withdrawal from not smoking. This being someone who smokes every day and then immediately stops. And you know what? I know that very soon I am going to start smoking again, probably every day, and I will love it! It opens my mind, allows me to explore my creativity, enjoy the things around me, like food, music, video games, books, art, nature – the list goes on!

    But it’s not for everyone and that’s OK. Chances are the people who don’t like to do it won’t do it, but those of us who find no harm in it should not be persecuted for how we choose to live.

    Thanks peace y’all keep smoking up!

  15. I am wondering if any one knows or knows where I should look for the vitamin/mineral content of marijuana when you ingest it, any harmful effects possibly imposed on the lung could be avoided. I meet a woman that told me that marijuana is actually very health for you to ingest.

  16. Most of you must be in denial about this like i once was. I’ve smoked every day for 10years. I’m 27. 8 days clean so far and am starting to clear my head and get my life back. im not here to tell you how to live your life, but am here to tell you that weed is a tricky ‘friend’ thats not so friendly to you if you overuse it…like so many of us do.

    Weed only makes you relax while stoned. How is your attituide and mood when your not high? Mine was terrible. Again, if your a cronic smoker. If your not a cronic smoker, do yourself a favor and quit before you do become one. I’d waste a day telling you the benefits of not smoking…but thats what google is for.

    Dont let it trick you, its not good for you in any way. There are so many things wrong with what most of you are saying.

    better sleep, creativity, taste and smell…all BS. I say that with 100% certainty because IVE BEEN ON BOTH SIDES. Weed masks your true self and makes you think your more creative..while high.

    Best of luck on whatever you choose. i know these past 8 days have been hard, but i already feel a thousand times better, and im sure everyone in my life is glad im not a weed head a-hole anymore. BTW, i didnt know my eyes could be this white while saving $200/month.

    Any potheads here successful? I dont mean college or bs like that, but a family and a GREAT job with aspirations and buttloads of motivation and energy? i doubt it. Hell, I got my BS degree while stoned from class 1 to graduation, it was cake. However, im sure I’d be twice as successful if i was clean during that time.
    good luck to everyone!

  17. Your facts are messed up bad. I’ve seen drunks kill people by hand, with cars and domestic abuse (they weren’t mentioned) Pot is 40 times less dangerous in a control sense. I smoke pot and tried booze and my choice was made the moment I puked like a fire hydrant after a night of drinking!

  18. I’m sorry but this article was biased, occasionally untrue, and actually insulting. “If all your friends are smoking, that might indicate a potential problem with your choice of friends.” Whether or not someone uses marijuana has nothing to do with who they are as a person. Also, in the tests used to determine the THC levels in marijuana during the 1960’s versus now, a very small amount of modern marijuana was tested. Most of the marijuana on the streets today is not that strong, and it is basically the same potency as the 1960’s.
    To adress ex-stoner, you smoked every day for ten years, and doing that much of almost any drug is aweful for you. People who drink until they are drunk every day have terrible problems. Even people who have a lot of caffein every day can go through withdrawl. Marijuana is not addictive in the way that a drug like cocain or haroin is, but it is a good feeling that a select few choose to abuse. Withdrawl from cronic alcohol abuse is far more traumatic. Lastly, I have to say that my dad is an orthopedic sergeon, happily married with 3 kids, and he smokes marijuana from time to time.

  19. You can be addicted to coffee. You cannot, however, be addicted to marijuana. This page is full of the same nonsense they tried to make us believe in school. Just a bunch of scared people who are trying to make scared young adults be perfect “bricks in the wall”. Yeah, I said it. Weed just lets you be yourself and no matter how society wants us to act and look, pot frees us from this. LEGALIZE FREEDOM!

  20. Man i love all the webistes that tell bold faced lies about marijuana and 90% of the people who write these lies have never expierenced or researched the FACTS about what marijuana really does.
    stop lying to your kids your family and your country about facts you have no idea about. Do some reasearch and learn about how marijuana is more helpful than it is harmful, and how it is less addicting than the legal substances in america. If marijuana was legalized and regulated it could also stimulate the economy greatly because of the demand for marijuana in todays society. Stop the lies, spread the truth!

  21. The truth is that there is a real lack of honest, unbiased, scientifically-sound research out there to support either argument. What does exist is a truckload of unsubstantiated anti-marijuana bullshit left over from the more conservative days of our country. And although a few studies have come up with “positives” and “negatives” of their own, I’m still waiting on more thorough research, which hopefully lies on the horizon once America realizes that cannabis could be a major cash crop (and potent solution to job-losses we currently face). Unfortunately, however, until that day comes, we will all have to put up with websites like this that do the entire notion of science a disgrace by publishing not only inaccurate and unverified claims, but perpetuate this idea of ignorant research that were we all to duplicate, we would be a nation of idiots.

  22. your facts are absolutly not true. You can never get addicted to marijuana. You can use it in smaller amounts you dont need to get out of your mind stoned. and your theory that not everyone is smoking weed is also untrue most people do and the facts are there in the US alone 97 million people have tried marijuana and 14.7 million people use it on a regular bases.
    Please dont write on the internet what you know nothing about.

  23. I’m a 14 year old boy who has smoke marijuana about 30 times spread out over a year and a half sice i was 12, all of this crap for the most part is not true, i never forget stuff unless I’m high it has no effect in my school work i usually get like 3.4 GPA. One thing that is defenatly not true is pot is easier to get than alcohol you can easy get boose from your parents. Because I am smart never get drunk because it make you feel like shit the next day and makes you throw up.

    Long live cannabis

  24. i’m 14 and have smoked mj many times i then quit for family and did not have withdrawal i play lacrosse and am a a and b student it is people like this guy is the reason mj is still illegal and its bs the government says they couldnt tax it because ppl would grow it ppl can grow tobbacco and not pay taxes i have seen lives destroyed with hard drugs never from marijuana i know an well payed engineer with a family and hes married i have done my due reasearch you havent fight for legalization!

  25. This article is complete bullshit. It made me giggle at its stupidity. Alcohol is far worse than marijuana in almost all aspects, especially driving. Marijuana barely, if at all, affects your motor skills, and there is scientific research to back me up on this. It is true that your judgment is a little off when you are high, but its nothing at all like being drunk. Also, marijuana causing cancer???? Ridiculous. For years researchers have been trying to link cancer and marijuana but have all failed. The closest they have gotten deals with testicular cancer. In fact, cannabis is hardly bad for your body at all. The main problem is that over long periods of usage, it can destroy brain cells that deal with short-term memory. Not long-term. This means, sure, you can still learn things, and you are not going to become completely stupid. Health wise, alcohol is far worse also. It is much more likely to cause cancer and is highly addictive. Look it up. Speaking of that, cannabis is one of the least addictive drugs. Withdrawal symptoms?? Madness. Well I could see how it would suck to quit, but that is just because it makes the person feel so good; unlike alcohol, which causes the drinker to become more violent destroys families and the drinker’s social life, and ruins your whole life because of the addiction. Next time dude, when you are going to write an article like this, do a little research dumbarse. Now I ask the question: Why is alcohol legal and marijuana is not? Personally, I have no fucking idea.

  26. First of all I have to say I have seen with my own eyes the positive things about marijauna, my brother was diagnosed with bone cancer (osteosarcoma) which is a really painful cancer which involves amputations and the cancers likes to spread to different parts of the body, now I want to point that there are kids that get this cancer who have never done a drug or smoke a cigerette in their lives. I was my brother hospice nurse for the last final stage of his cancer, he was in alot of pain and could not eat most of the time terrible nausea due tot he fact that a tumor was in his stomach from his cancer spreading. My brother vomited constantly due to this tumor and had horrible nausea, the doctor wrote a prescription for several different nausea medications and my brother told me the only thing that helprf get rid of his nausea in the end and help him get comfortable was marijuana, it helped him when he was going through chemo as well. So for the people out there who have loved ones that are terminally ill with cancer and need relief from pain and nausea I have to say from first hand experience marijauna helped keep my brother comfortable.

  27. I have been all over the web and studies of marijuana to cause cancer are correlated with those who smoke cigarretes; as well as the “healthy cooking” oils that are suppose to be healthy but have been turned into possibly carcinogenic because of (forgive me here) a process witch neutralises it from keeping its ability to harness the suns energy which in turn keeps us healthy. Forgive me me i do not give any sites with any credit as i stumbled upon this site last minute.

    Now we all know that “Smoke” is a carcinogen and that inhalation of is bad(no matter what it is). However I have not found one thing suggesting inhalation to be healthy but rather ingestion of the HEMP seed to be very healthy and to actually “Boost” the immune system as well as to increase defense against disease and other health problems.

    Am I a Marijuana user?? yes i am for 20 years now. I have (for myself) experienced loss of memory, problems learning and some affect on my nervous system;.. but then again everyone is different even with prescribed drugs. My affects do NOT mean they are yours or anyone elses;… it is possible however to keep your concentration so as to avoid memory loss or learning problems; for me it just takes a litle more effort to consciously do so. You must “Know Thyself”.

    HEMP Seed: (as i have learned) is not “unique” to having all the essential amino acids; FLAX Seeds also contian theses amino acids (as do all nuts and seeds) but the unique attribute to the HEMP Seed is it DOES contain 65% of its globulin edistin. which is the highest in the known plant kingdom to date.

    So the only credit i can offer to you to research is GLOBULIN EDISTIN;…and Linoleic Acid.

    One more thing: I have read that with the “global warming” the depletion of the ozone layer may affect the soy up to 50% but that the Hemp plant is more resilient (resistant) to ultraviolet rays and actually flourishes in “that” environment;… so in some distant future it may be that the Hemp Seed will save our food sources as a food source; and a very healthy one at that.

  28. The “facts” are all bullshit this is just a load of crap to stop ordinary getting power over themselves. The government accept Marinol cause it is manufactured by big pharmaceutical companies. They ban marijuana because it’s got so many uses that an individual could use and grow at home, they allow big corporations to get money and don’t allow people to treat themselves!

  29. Oh man I was having a really bad day today and looked at this website. Well I laughed which is great because this website contains zero facts. Marijuana is like any other product, I know people who think their addicted to chocolate and get cranky and show signs of withdrawal. If you do anything constant for a elapsed period time of course you will notice changes after you quit it. It part of our psychology everyone can preach and preach but just think we legally sell a product that kills more than 45,000/year in Canada directly related to tobacco. Marijuana has the big fat goose egg for deaths a year. Instead of preaching sir, can you supply with a situation where someones smoked too much weed and went home and beat his wife or his kids like you see on alcohol. Like Jesse Ventura I have done the big 3 Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana. Tobacco and Alcohol have put me into a world of trouble, risk and numerous times almost cost me my life. I have a addictive personality and I admit. I have never once “freaked out” about not having cannabis. If its unavailable I have the attitude man this sucks or whatever and I get by with little effects. With tobacco and alcohol the effect are extremely severe shaking, mood swings, and even depression the list goes on so before you preach back it with some proof. Do a field experiment smoke dope for a month quit it, then drink constant then quit it, and then smoke/chew and the quit it tell me which is worse.

  30. wow this is a hilarious page of so called facts
    i love how the author doesnt even talk about the chemical effects on your body
    alcohal kills your liver brain cells and is far worse for you then weed
    i cant believe this person actually thinks that its worse to drive stoned
    i have perfect coordination stoned i can do anything
    but when im drunk ya right i couldnt even fuckin ride a bike
    also alcohal is far more addicting
    and wtf search up your facts you ignorant moron
    there have been no deaths or cases of lung cancer from marijuana
    also if you knew anything about the tar part yes weed does have twice the tar
    but its is usually absorbed away into the lungs
    and tar is not what causes lung cancer
    you ignorant douche i cant believe you would even post this before checking your facts its people like you who trick our society into thinking weed is such an evil and bad thing with your complete ignorance of the true facts fuckin spouting these false facts like your a doctor your sad

    • I have perfect coordination stoned i can do anything.
      Yea! you are full of shit. Perfect my ass. Better than when drunk. Absolutely true. I love pot but get real. It affects you.

  31. Every person who starts to belive these lies needs to read Phrags comment posted on April 4th, 2008. I am a strong supporter for both recreational and medcinal use of cannabis, being that my aunt has breast cancer and has a medicinal use for cannabis in california, and my father was, and still is an alcoholic. Getting high is not comparable to a .20 percent blood alcohol, and then repeating to do on a regular basis…i.e, being a college student where its acceptable to use and abuse alcohol. I have never heard of people being thrown out of a bar or a resturaunt because of being to high…I’m sure that the people who are high at a place like that spend and support the place because they have the “munchies”, not because they passed out on the bathroom floor. The person who wrote this article obviously does not use cannibus, maybe once during high school when it made him “dizzy in the back seat of his friends car.” There is nothing in this article to support the main points against cannibus, Ignorance is the number one mistake of man, and the truth cannot be told if a bias approach is used. This article does not justify the topic, If anyone wants to get a real and truthful viewpoint, go to http://norml.org/ and read, and be ready to be amazed at the fact that there is ZERO reported deaths from cannibus use, and accoring to the center for disease control and prevention state “The Number of alcohol-induced deaths, excluding accidents and homicides: 22,073, Number of alcoholic liver disease deaths: 13,050 in 2006” Get the facts then start writing these articles.

  32. this is ridiculous…marijuana is way safer than alcohol i could smoke 3 blunts and be safer than a person who had 2 or 3 beers. while driving!!!

  33. Guys i amazed that the marijuana kills all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the body.how its possible i take from last 4 years and i am not fell ill by any disease and not feel aNY KIND OF PAIN IN MY BODY …..regularly working from last two years………
    what i wanna say your research is fuckkkkkk up…..
    i like it till end as it doesnt affect morte than any other drugs….
    i feel high …i feeel good…….so keep your research with you guys……
    and share the risleyyyyyyyyyyyys with your friends….cheers….

  34. Playing devils advocate here i know this website is total crap but u cant deny that pot has its drawbacks. Dont get me wrong i love pot and dont think there is anything wrong with it in moderation. Driving drunk better than driving high? Sure whatever thats why people get into car crashes drunk all the time. Thats why its taken away so many kids from their parents. I have never heard of someone dying in a car crash from smoking only pot. If ever there was a crash where pot was involved it was almost always in combination with other drugs. And i just find it funny that the people who have a hard time spelling on these comments know more about pot and the truth about it than this website. Can pot be addicting? Yes it can but the pot addicts usually have an addictive personality and have some pain in their life they want to numb which is no reason to blame pot for. Has anyone ever OD’d on pot? Never in recorded history at any time. Alcohol poisoning deaths in 2007 alone… at least 37 and thats just the number for minors. Do your research dumb ass and stop trying to fill peoples heads with lies. I am almost willing to bet that this website has some kind of ties to the alcohol and tobacco companies shaking in their boots because once the legalization of pot happens, and it will happen, they stand to lose a ton of cash as marajuana is a safer and much more enjoyable alternative to either. If you guys are unable to figure out why pot was illeagalized in the first place do some digging as i have and you will find the reason is because of widely exaggerated misconceptions about pot and just strait up false “facts” that were fed to the politicians at the time along with a nice fat check from any company that stood to lose profits. As i said I’m playing devils advocate because i believe everyone should be educated on the pros as well as the cons of pot, so now here comes the bad parts of pot but let me point out first that every bad point has a redeeming factor. Pot use over time and with constant use has been shown to decrease brain cell count, the redeeming factor, just about anything reduces your brain cell count, im pretty sure i lost a few reading this ridiculous article, not to mention that alcohol reduces your cell count by far more and it doesn’t even have to be used as frequently. Pot can harm your lungs if smoked there is no way to get around this fact and i own up to this fact and accept it however the redeeming factor is that there is a such thing as a vaporizer which instead of creating a smoke creates a vapor which is very healthy for your lungs not to mention you can also ingest it. Other than that there are no other verifiable facts against
    marijuana. A few more arguments for pot now (sorry for the long comment bear with me please) I have never heard of anyone having a hangover from pot, throwing up (quite the opposite actually), and overall pot is much better for your health than alcohol in my opinion. Get your facts right people and fellow pot users don’t let up and don’t back down we are only gonna get once chance in a lifetime to legalize this speaking to all the californians we got an important election coming up lets not screw this up. To all those who read the entire comment thx sorry for the length its just something im very passionate about. Keep on burning.

  35. You call these “facts” on marijuana haha, mhmm well lets just say that this guy or girl doesn’t know shit about marijuana. Marijuana does have its drawbacks, but so does alcohol, going to work, having kids, and getting married…why are those legal?? To be honest kids are still going to smoke even if they don’t legalize it, and if they do legalize marijuana its going to be taxed and theres going to be an age-limit. So all-in-all its still going to be the same but if they legalize it and tax it, the states well be getting a shit load of money so in my opinion they should legalize it not just to make it easier for us “pot head” to get marijuana but to help out the economy out of this debt that the banks put us in. Ohh, and weed does kill brain cells but your body make about 9,000 neurons (brain cells) a day, plus once your 20 years old your brain gains about a gram of brain mass per year which is about 70,000,000 (70 million) neurons per gram and when you add that to the billions of brain cells your brain already has, you have more then enough. So if your wanna those people that use that excuse against weed, you should get your facts right before you go posting them on the internet making yourself look like a retard.

  36. bull shit facts, marijuana in my case is not at all addictive, i’ve been smoking for about 4 years now and have never been addicted to marijuana. it does not cause cancer, infact cancer patients use marijuana (medical marijuana) to help get through the pain. marijuana dosent even kill any brian cells. if anything alcahol should be ileagle instead of weed. more drunk drivers will die in one day than stoned drivers in a month. if pot was leagalized the economy might even be better. learn the real facts before you spend time typing lies

  37. like this post.

  38. Bunch of bull. Of course, as some people have said, Marijuana is a drug, and the effects of drugs differ from person to person. In fact, I have a friend who used to smoke with me from time to time but has decided to quit for good. He just hates the feeling for some reason and would rather get completely drunk. I’m fine with that, and I understand that; he’s tried it and he knows he doesn’t like it.

    What I don’t like are people that have never taken part in Marijuana that are bashing it due to the Reefer Madness “facts” cooked up by conservatives. I for one have not been negatively affected by Marijuana. I’m an A- student (3.67-3.71 GPA for 3 straight years so far) and am I captain in my school’s Varsity Baseball program. I have never had problems with memory or my motivation and I smoke fairly frequently.

    So all I can say is don’t knock it til you try it.
    Happy burning!

  39. Most of this is bullshit and has been proven otherwise.

    Weed leads to impaired abstract thinking? Have you ever smoked in your life? That’s the most incorrect fact I’ve ever seen.

  40. i had a friend who is a drug addict and he was able to recover from it. now he is drug free,.,

  41. I have smoked pot for around 3 years, everynight I have one joint. Just like a glass of wine. I am fit, healthy, if anything the same I was 4 years ago. You cannot be stoned and get into a fight in a pub, however with alcohol, you will be craving for one. Weed can be abused just like alcohol. Smoke responibly.

  42. I think marijuana should be legalized all over the United States, and alcohol should be prohibitted.
    Marijuna use, is much much safer then alcohol use, alcohol kills millions of people every year due to drunk driving or kidney failure ect. MARIJUANA HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE. I believe if the government legalized it and replaced alcohol with it, i think America would see a big different in fatalities and in society.
    Marijuana does not cause cancer, and its actually safer for you then cigerettes, so fuck all the haters.

  43. Marijuana is the only thing that controls the spasms and pain associated with my multiple sclerosis. It allows me to sleep, eat and walk. Some jack wagon bureaucrat telling people it has no positive affects is bullshit. Walk or “limp” a mile in my or anyone else s shoes. Your one sided opinion should be heard as should everyone’s pro and con. However do your research and bring facts to the table. Lies do no good.

  44. whoever wrote this should be shot

  45. THESE ARE NOT FACTS!!!!!! jaaackieee is right you need to be shot idiot.

  46. these facts are way false!!!!!!!!! there is no good from alcohol and there may be some so called downsides to marijuana but it is for a fact safer than alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. This article itself is obviously poorly put together and ill advised


    …i’m currently conducting an intense research programme for cannabis vs alcohol and if all goes well ill put forward my research to the government and fight for legalisation in the UK. Being an occasional smoker myself, i know how exciting this could be for smokers worldwide which is why i’ve devoted so much time towards it. but the more positive information and statistics i can find to aid the safe use of marijuana the better, which is why i’m writing to you! if you have any suggestions or know of any published articles by Universities/Dr’s/Politicians etc. it would be greatly appreciated if you could forward them on here.

    I WILL check this page daily. :)

  48. drug addiction is a menace to the society, it destroys lives and it destroys the community ,-;

  49. It’s all lies.

  50. I stumbled across this while researching a commonly known FACT.
    That alcohol is a far worse substance than marijuana.

    This is one of the only articles I’ve found that argue the opposite.
    Your “facts” are ridiculous.

  51. this page is bull shit ive been smoking for a yeah and a half now and i love it i dont do it often like once or twice a week taking a few hits is great it makes you happy and loving life sometimes i do take to many hits and just get to kd but its not like its a bad thing it makes me tired and then i will go to sleep which is nice and i get a good night sleep the only problem i have with weed is i get very un modivated to be horny and want to hook up with my boy friend i would rather chill then mess around. and if that is my only problem with this amazing drug its gotta be fine! it is so relaxing. and soo much better then acohol dont et me wrong i do like to drink on occasion just not to much dont wAnt that shitty hangoverr. one thing that i cant do alot is smoke and drink at the same time, yes i do it sometimes but that just gets you really fucked up and just makes you want to sleeep.peace love weed! all dAy every dayy smokeee some bluntss everyonee!!

  52. agreed .. i am doing a essey on why marijuana should be legal and visiting this site has done nothing but tell lies i have found alot of helpfull sites and they all have said no one has died from pot there is nothing in medical history even proving an over does an ciggarettes are wayy wayy more harmful then pot tobacco has the tar not weed

  53. Stop the lies, because they do not sell it or get money off it they spread lies on it! It is a plant! You sell Cigs and alcohol or whatever and get money off it! Stop the lies, you guys are idiots.

  54. Alcohol and smoking are disgusting. Just grow some all natural pot, mix some bud into brownie batter and eat up! No hangover, no cancer, no sore throat, and it’s yummy. Problem solved.

  55. ok you wanna know how i know the driving part is false. i drove for 2 hours straight after smoking a ounce in columbus, and i drove perfectly.

  56. Cannabidiol, an active component of Cannabis actually CURES cancer.

    Don’t even THINK about disagreeing with me before you look it up.

  57. Facts?? List your sources buddy. Talkin all this shit & you got nothing to back it up. Alcohol is in fact way more toxic & harmful to the body than weed. I’d like to add though, that anything in excess is NOT GOOD. Besides there’s so much more out there available out there that is easy to get our hands on like OTC meds, Prescribed meds (vycodyn, zantac, oxycodone, hydrocodone…) this all worries me more. Why so much hate against the weed?

  58. This has to be the most ignorant post I’ve ever read…. First and foremost, even in tests done by EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATION, such as the schaefer report, marijuana was declared the safest and most therapeutically active substance known to man. However the President conveniently ignored this. Second, marijuana is impossible to OD on, you have to smoke almost your body weight in THC to attain death, how many deaths per year do we see with alcohol, I’m sure its much more than 0. Third, marijuana is not radioactive and neither is the active compounds in it, (THC, CBD , etcetera ) therefore, unlike nicotine, it cannot cause cancer. Fourth, your so called “most addictive substance ” is only called that because of the following reason, if caught with a gram of marijuana you can be given 2 choices, jail or rehabilitation, what do you choose? Rehab therefore your number gets added to this statistic of rehabilitation. 5th Marijuana has been proven time and time again to not be physically addictive. 6th Israel just passed Medical Marijuana laws, thus legalizing this fantastic medicine. 7th marijuana is not only good for getting you into an altered state of reality, it can produce rope, the strongest clothing, and even dynamite, and unlike cotton puts nutrients BACK into the soil ( industrial marijuana is known as Hemp). 8th , alcohol destroys white matter in your brain, marijuana helps your body decrease the amount of damage from alcohol, therefore smoking marijuana while drinking is safer than only drinking alone.
    9th: marijuana only smokers have a less risk of lung cancer then non smokers, (interesting is it not?) due to the fact that cannibanoids in marijuana mimic those released by your brain to regulate and balance your body.

    Check out http://www.NORML.org

    Support marijuana legalization, contact your congressman :)

    Hopefully this will clear up the large amounts of false facts on this post and you can make a decision yourselves whether or not you believe marijuana is safer than alcohol.

  59. this is the worst website. more than half of this isnt true.

  60. about 79 thousand people die every year from alcohol poisoning. weed has been around for thousands of years and not one person has ever died from an overdose. in fact, a person would need to smoke over 1,5oo pounds of weed in under 15 seconds to die from it.

  61. incidentally i have smoked at leat ten sticks of marijuana everyday for over twenty years.i have never been to any hospital any day not even for headache or malaria so i don’t know what you are talking about. to hell with your falsehood and encourage the world to know the truth. it is only the truth that can make us free. pls tell them to legalise marijuana all over the world.Ganja

  62. The comments here prove pot makes you stupid.

  63. I would say if you need to take any kind of drug to relax… Marijuana is a good choice. But it’s the lesser of many evils ( I mean many substances like alcohol, strong prescription meds, meth, coc, etc.), and maybe find a different way to relax. I’m addicted to caffiene and a friend of mine is “addicted” to marijuana. We are both able to function and not hurt others around us. In fact, he is much nicer because of the marijuana. But remember that if you are a regular user ( as opposed to once in awhile), you are truly, sincerely, statistically burning out the connectors ( synapses) between your brain cells, and they won’t grow back. The connectors are multiplied every time you use your brain and fire those neurons. Sooooo, simply put ( and I teach 4th grade AND told them this), you become less smart. I say keep smoking marijuana, but accept that you won’t be as smart as you once were and you might get senile early in life. Not trying to be mean at all, just factual. Try running more than 5 miles, foot reflexology, passion fruit herb tea, massages, deep breathing … Anything but a substance that will kill the connections between the brain cells. Take care.

  64. Who ever made this website is full of it. im doing a paper on marijuana for my english class this really helped (nottt)

  65. I have a good friend who is a medical marijuana user, for good reasons. He doesn’t smoke it, uses it at night taken in foods. It has done him a HELL of a lot of good. He says I should try it to Get Rid of a Hangover . I dunno, I smoked when I was younger, haven’t for a while. He has studied it exhaustively, and , yes, he would probably just shake his head at this article. Meantime, I’ll try some of the standard methods to Get Rid of a Hangover . Cheers.

  66. look at the support that rallies for pot when assaulted by propaganda and falsities. which is what all this bs is. just try to find people who can defend alcohol, coke, meth or anything else for that matter, you cant do it. why is that, becasue the users of thses drugs know the long term damage by using them first hand. pot doesnt mess normal functioning adults up, but you would have us believe that, what is wrong with you? just casue u cant handle feeling good hungry and horny. well i got to tell you most of us like it. ALOT

  67. hey ex stoner, you are a traitor puss, good luck with that

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