Does sex for a longer time ensure greater pleasure?

Long loveSex is perhaps as important as sleep, food, water and air. Even then you can live for years without sex. But will die without those four things. So why bother so much about sex. When all the basic things are met in life and your survival is ensured, your mind starts ticking. It dreams, fantasizes etc. and you have endless wishes to fulfil to escape boredom. Every other thing obeys law except sex.

Since the Grecian era or god knows when human beings have always tried to mend its ways but huh it just jigs more vulgarly you can imagine. Whatever be it, sexual desire is every man’s bread and butter. I get paid for writing on sex, a prostitute gets paid for offering sex service. A husband gets an assured love for satisfying his wife. A girl wins the promise of marriage.

Sexual love and specifically heterosexual love is based on attraction. Thank God that there was such an attraction on this earth; or else who would have survived today to curse or thank those ancestors who have left us with not only wealth but also umpteen vices to follow.

Now the most elusive orgasm that could be achieved have turned every sexual adventurer in a husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend etc very hungry. When it comes to food many would starve, but when it comes to sex many would choose to have it plenty but did having plenty ever gave that imaginary satisfaction is the question.

Research says that you need not prolong sex beyond 13 minutes. Whatever pleasure you need to achieve is achieve within 13 minutes. If you say that you had it less than three minutes, it is unfortunately too short to realize what the act was all about. Anyways if you and your partner are having it between 5 and 13 it’s perfect and if you intend to prolong, you will exhaust very soon and sex will be torture either for you or for your partner.

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