Characteristics of Successful Remarried Couples

To create a successful marriage the couples need to realize that there are differences. They need to respect that difference. If re-marriages are to succeed, couples must realize that remarriage is different from a first marriage. Here are some characteristics of successful remarried couples.

They have mourned their losses. These adults grieve the loss of a partner, dream, divorce etc. Once the grief is resolved these adults seek to build new partnerships.

These couples have realistic expectations. Couples realize that it takes time and patience to build new relationships. If there are stepchildren, they too expect and accept different feelings. They know.

These couples have a strong couple bond. Couples realize that love alone is not enough so they take care of their own needs for fun and relaxation as a couple. They decide things together as a couple.

These couples establish new family traditions. When two families come together, differences become obvious. These couples compare notes about traditions, rituals, and routines and recognize that each person’s preferences are just different, not better or worse. They start new traditions or combining routines and old traditions from both households.

These couples deal positively with past relationships. Research has shown that most people do not have extremely positive feelings toward a former spouse. When couples work to reduce hostilities between former spouses, it may also enhance the marital quality of the remarriage.

These couples accept the changes in their household composition. Many remarriages involve children so these couples acknowledge that relationships with stepchildren are just forming and shouldn’t be rushed or forced. They work together to agree on a set of rules so that everyone can cooperate.

These couples are flexible. These couples learn to balance the need of all the family members. They talk about their expectations and work together on discipline. When something doesn’t work as planned, they work with each other to think of and try new options.

Just like any marriage, a remarriage takes time, communication, and commitment. Couples in successful remarriages make sure they communicate well and show their love daily to each other, keeping their commitment fresh and strong.

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