Top Ten Reasons Why Breakfast is Essential?

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. You must begin the day with a good breakfast. Many tend to forgo it for several reasons. Those in a hurry avoid it. Those who are dieting feel like skipping it. But the real truth is ai??i?? breakfast cannot be done away with. A nourishing breakfast provides you with vitality and energy for the day. You perform your daily chores better. Let us observe this further.

Is Breakfast Important?

  • Breakfast stabilizes the blood sugar levels. You feel giddy if you do not have breakfast
  • You feel energetic throughout the day. A good breakfast is worth having
  • Skipping breakfast slows down metabolism
  • You will be more productive throughout the morning
  • Concentration is better
  • Eating breakfast means eating the right amount later on. You will not go on a food binge due to hunger.
  • Lowers cholesterol, as those who have breakfast consume less cholesterol during the day. It is better to have nourishing food then eat junk food to satisfy your hunger during the day
  • If you have a proper breakfast then your lunch will not be heavy. Often you compensate one meal for another
  • Those who eat whole grain high- fiber breakfast have less risk of heart attacks and Diabetes. A bowl of oats is very good for the heart
  • Those on diet will be able to control their calories if they have breakfast. The chances of putting on weight are higher if they skip breakfast

One must not skip breakfast. It is also an important meal. You must begin your day with a nourishing breakfast. It should consist of essential vitamins and minerals required for the day. An empty stomach can ruin your day.

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