How to Get People to Like You

Everybody likes to be liked by another person. We impress upon others so that they take interest in us and in our activities. To be liked by all and sundry is not an easy task. Some will dislike you. Yet, you must try to win over as many people as possible. How?

How Can People Like You?

  • A cheerful disposition helps. One must be happy as far as possible. A grumpy look will not attract others
  • A good conversationalist. You must converse well. An interesting conversation draws people towards you. Whatever you convey should interest the listener
  • Dress up well. People get attracted to a well dressed up person
  • Be polite. Good manners are essential for a likeable personality
  • Have a good memory. Try to remember names and places. People like those who recall events or remember their names
  • Be a good listener. Listen to what the other person is saying. Most people have a lot to convey and like to share it with someone. Take interest in what they are saying
  • Be friendly. Reach out to as many people as you can. A person who is friendly is generally liked
  • Do not discuss your personal problems too much. People do not like to listen to others problems always. Keep your problems to yourself
  • Share hobbies with another person. Develop common interests. You and your friend may like the same music or perhaps would like to go for walks in the woods. Shared interests bring people closer
  • Develop your innate qualities like being warm, affectionate and caring. It is nice to think well of another person
  • Avoid being rude. It creates barriers between two people
  • Overcome your inhibitions. One should bridge gaps. Language barriers, regional variations, dialects can prove to be hindrances in friendship. Overcome them
  • Be genuine in your compliments
  • Avoid superficiality

To attract people towards you and make them like you is an art by itself. It requires much effort. A likeable person is more successful in life. Socially he or she has an advantage, and even in the work- place he or she will be appreciated.

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