Top 21 Myths of Marijuana Smoking

Top 21 Myths of Marijuana SmokingSmoking marijuana gives a lot of pleasure, no doubt, but it is the most abused illicit drug in the United States. It is smoked as a cigarette or in a pipe. It is smoked in blunts as well, which are cigars emptied of tobacco and filled up with marijuana. Another drug is added to it. It is also mixed in food or tea. Whatever said and done, it is the most abused drug. Many youngsters are addicted to it. Several myths persist, whether it is a harmful or harmless drug. Different opinions are expressed, some justifying its use and some claiming it to be a health hazard. What are the myths?

Top 21 Myths Highlighting Marijuana Smoking

  1. It is held that marijuana can cause permanent mental illness. It can cause temporary flare-ups, particularly among adolescents. For example, large doses of marijuana can cause temporary toxic psychosis. This is also rare. It occurs when marijuana is eaten but not smoked
  2. Marijuana is considered to be highly addictive. It is less addictive as compared to many drugs and is used as medicine
  3. Many feel marijuana is harmless. But this is not true. Marijuana has adverse effects on health. It has a negative impact on psychological health
  4. Marijuana has no medicinal value is a myth many believe in. This is not true. Marijuana is used to treat several health problems such as improving appetite, pain relief, controlling nausea etc
  5. Another popular myth is that marijuana is more damaging to the lungs as compared to tobacco. The risk is lower in marijuana smokers as they inhale the smoke less and also smoke marijuana less as compared to cigarettes
  6. Opinion is held that marijuana is more potent today than in the past. This is also not true. Due to lack of proper storage facilities, marijuana, earlier, lost some of its potency
  7. Another myth is marijuana offenses are not severely punished. Statistics prove otherwise. Many marijuana smokers are behind bars. Stringent laws are there which prohibit the use of marijuana. It is the most abused illicit drug
  8. Users feel that that their using marijuana will not hurt their kids. In fact, kids have also started using marijuana. If adults smoke it, then kids also may do the same
  9. Some feel that marijuana use by kids is okay. This is not so. Teens depend upon it. Their physical and mental health gets affected.
  10. Many hold the view that pot can cause high blood pressure. There is no evidence that marijuana can cause hypertension. Some claim it reduces hypertension as it lowers stress levels
  11. Marijuana is considered to be useful in the treatment of cancer and other disease. Not necessarily. It can relieve pain, vomiting and nausea caused due to chemotherapy and also improve appetite. It may not necessarily be used in treating cancer as per se
  12. Another myth is marijuana impairs short-term memory. It does so only on a temporary basis. When one is no longer under the influence of marijuana, his or her memory is restored
  13. Some feel marijuana “flattens” brainwaves. This is not true. In fact, it increases alpha wave activity which is associated with relaxation and meditative state
  14. Another popular myth is that marijuana lingers in the body like DDT. This is misleading. Marijuana is not prohibited on this basis
  15. Marijuana suppresses the immune system is another myth one tends to believe in. Research has been done only on animals. In fact, studies have indicated that marijuana stimulated the immune system
  16. One believes that marijuana prohibition enhances public safety. Not necessarily. There are other drugs which can be more dangerous
  17. Many believe that legal marijuana can cause carnage on the highway. Not so. It would be better to legalize the drug. More accidents can be caused due to consumption of alcohol
  18. Some believe that marijuana can cause chromosome and cell damage. There is no evidence to this effect
  19. It is believed that marijuana leads to harder drugs. Not so. In fact, it can be a substitute to other drugs as well as alcohol. Only if it remains an illicit drug, than it is possible that persons who are selling marijuana illegally, may also sell other drugs
  20. A view is held that marijuana damages the reproductive system. Marijuana on its own does not cause any damage. It is generally used in conjunction with other drugs and alcohol
  21. One believes that there are a thousand chemicals in marijuana. There are less chemicals in marijuana, around 450 or so

One has to overcome many myths about marijuana smoking. It is less harmful as compared to many other drugs and alcohol. Opinion favors its legalization to prevent its abuse.

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  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. Marijuana is a miracle plant for those suffering from dibilatating diseases. Cannibus has been around for thousands of years and has been used medicinally and for ceromonial practices. Ganja, does not “mess you up” it “lifts you up” for those who are dying of cancer and have not the stregnth to go to the bathroom, marijuana gives them that boost. and for those with anerexia, it stimulates there appitite. Marijuana has only been illegal for less then a hundred years. considering it has been used for thousands of years. Legalize marijuana NOW!!!!! NORML…

  3. I am in full agreement with what jason said! Marijuana is also helpful in case of psychological boost. For those who dont have the will or courage to fight odds they can battle it out if they are addicted marijuana. It has physical as well as psychological advantages for sure if consumed in a considerable amount.

  4. A really good article about marijuana. A lot of people have to read this text before defame marijuana. If people who are against marijuana just take a look at the articles about good effects of marijuana they’ll change opinions.

  5. Legalization would help the economy

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