Secrets That Make Us Happy and Healthy

We all would like to be happy and cheerful and make every effort to be so. Unknown secrets and happy events change and affect our lives in many ways. Inconsequential events can make a sea change in our disposition. “Little” secrets of life can keep us healthy and we need not aim for the sky to make our lives more joyful and eventful. A clean chit from your doctor about your health, your spouse showing his or her true love for you, a true friendai??i??s loving concern for you and many more such joyous moments can make your life sparkle.

Good health, disease free life, having a variety of choices to choose from, good food can add cheer to our drab lives. True friendship, a doting husband, a successful career can make you feel positive and enthusiastic about life in general. To become aware that there is a person who cares for you can make you feel good. Happiness is what one is always in search of.

What Makes You Happy and Healthy?

  • True friendship. It can do wonders. Every person wants a loyal friend, in whom he can place his trust. He or she should be able to share all concerns, worries and feelings without any reservations. A dependable person, who is there when you need him or her. True friendship cannot be bought. It has to be cultivated over a period of time
  • A disease free life. Everybody wants to be hale and hearty. If the doctor gives a clean health chit, you feel relieved. After all, ai???health is wealthai??i??. You keep good cheer when you are in pink of health. It is a blessing in disguise to be blessed with good health
  • To have more choices in life. One likes to have more preferences and fulfill their desires in a manner that suits them best. Varied choices enable a person to make the best choice
  • A doting spouse. To know that your spouse loves you a lot can make you very happy. A successful marriage is what one hopes for. An understanding and caring partner on whom you can rely on can make a lot of difference in your married life
  • A stress free life. A hassle- free life can do wonders to oneai??i??s disposition. One can be more relaxed, cheerful and take life as it comes. He or she can lead an interesting and exciting life and not get bogged down with day-today problems
  • Financial security also makes one feel comfortable. Basic needs should be met. Anything extra that is earned should be enjoyed. Everybody works hard to meet both ends and would like to earn more to make life easier and comfortable. If a husband is able to provide his family with all the comforts of daily existence he feels happy about it. If he earns more and makes a success of his career, it calls for a celebration

Happiness is a state of mind. Yet oneai??i??s circumstances also have to be conducive to make one feel life is worth living. He or she strives hard to make a success of existence in order to lead a blissful life.

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  1. i just thought that married life is the happiest point of my life.:..

  2. married life is a bit exciting but you will have lots of responsibilities.

  3. married life is actually the best if both the man and the woman compliments each other’.’

  4. i think the married life is the most special time where a man and woman shares each others blessings and commitment”;~

  5. married life is of course a very happy life, all you need to do is find some happiness deep inside yourself ‘,*

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