Desk Jobs Are Cancer Risk

Men with desk jobs are likely to develop prostate cancer as compared to those who are physically active. Regular exercise prevents cancer. This was revealed in a study conducted by the University of California, Los Angelesai??i??s Jonsson Cancer Center. Men who worked as analysts, engineers and managers were more likely to develop the cancer. Those who worked as welders, masons and janitors were at less risk, as they were physically more active.
How Desk Jobs Can Lead to Cancer?

  • Regular physical exercise is required to prevent prostate cancer. Desk jobs force a person to sit for long hours
  • Physical activity influences the hormone levels in the body which in turn prevents cancer

How to Prevent Cancer caused by Desk Jobs?

  • One must do something physically to counter-balance the inactivity
  • One can undertake recreational activities at work place which keep you physically active
  • Try moving around as much as possible instead of sitting in one place for a long time

Desk jobs are unavoidable. High profile jobs involve such inactivity. One needs to ensure that one gets sufficient exercise.

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