Your Eyes Can Diagnose Your Health

Eyes can reveal a lot. They can reveal your emotions and feelings. Health also can be observed through the eyes. Doctors often judge a person by the condition of his eyes. Diabetes can be detected through the condition of the eyes. Psychological well-being can also be assessed through the eyes. Dull eyes can indicate a disease that the person is suffering from. Bright eyes imply that the person is in ai???pink of healthai???. Eyes are an essential part of the body. Let us understand this phenomenon further.

How Eyes Can Diagnose your Health?

  • Eyes can reveal an existing health problem or an impending one. Retina images reveal the health condition of a patient. Subtle changes in the retina vessels can give warnings of a stroke
  • Eyes can reveal your blood pressure levels. Those suffering from blood shot eyes can be experiencing high blood pressure
  • Diabetes can be detected from the condition of the eyes. Diabetic patients suffer from weakening of the eye sight
  • Cholesterol levels also can be detected through the eyes
  • Dull eyes are indicative of sickness
  • Bright and clear eyes indicate good health
  • Weakening of eye sight is related to aging process, although you may suffer from weak eyesight at an early age as well
  • Diseases such as cancer, heart disease can be revealed through the eyes
  • Blood vessels in the eyes are indicative of the circulatory system in the body
  • Leukemia can be noticed by a hemorrhage of the eye. This is symptomatic of diabetes as well, which if untreated can lead to blindness
  • If the optic nerve is swollen and blood is splashed on the retina, it could be early warning of a brain tumor
  • A pale and swollen optic nerve indicates multiple sclerosis
  • Breast cancer can also be detected through the eyes

Eyes reflect oneai??i??s health. Much can be observed through them. Any diseases prevalent can be detected. Eyes are not meant just to be beautiful, but they should be healthy.

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  1. How can the eyes diagnose cancer and is it possible to know that someone is cured and has no cancer by just looking into your eyes??

  2. What doctors diagnosis your condition through your eyes?

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