Why is Hand Washing So Important?

Person Washing Hands
Keeping your hands clean is very important. Throughout the day our hands come in touch with various objects and persons. They can get germ infected. Many health problems occur due to lack of proper hygiene. Keeping hands clean is good hygiene. We should wash our hands to make sure they are not contaminated. Why is this so?

Why You Should Wash Your Hands?

  • Before eating our food, we should wash our hands. They should be germ-free. We use our hands throughout the day. They become dirty. Simple soap and warm water can keep our hands clean
  • After going to the toilet, we need to wash our hands. This is very important. Many people do not do this. If hands are not kept clean, many health problems can crop up
  • We also need to wash our hands after we have handled a sick person. In hospitals, doctors and nurses wash their hands. Patients suffer from various diseases and some of these diseases are contagious. A normal person also can suffer from them
  • You should wash you hands after handling medicines. Some medicines are poisonous
  • Unclean hands can cause infections in the eyes, and nose. For instance touching a dirty handkerchief requires you wash your hands. You can catch a cold by merely touching the handkerchief
  • Infectious diseases such as common flu, spread easily through dirty hands
  • Food-related diseases also can occur such as E.coli infection. Many people die due to these food-related illnesses
  • Even after touching animals you must wash your hands
  • It is good to wash hands before preparing a meal

One must make sure that hands are clean before touching the eyes, nose or mouth. One can get infected with germs, if hands are not clean. Good hygiene pays off.

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