Are You Too Old To Drive?

As you grow older it becomes unsafe to drive. Your mental and physical faculties decline. No doubt, one is used to driving, but age does catch on. Due to better nutrition, exercise, general awareness about health and better medical facilities people are living longer.

The old are quite active these days and try to be as ai???youngai??? as possible. They would like to remain independent. But can they drive even after crossing 75 years of age? Till what age can they drive? These are questions that arise in oneai??i??s mind? Let us throw some light on the driving behavior patterns of the older people.

Does Being Too Old Make It Difficult To Drive?

  • As you grow older your memory fails. You at times suffer from Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, which affect your mental faculties to drive
  • It becomes difficult to concentrate
  • Your hearing abilities also decline
  • Eye-sight weakens
  • Arthritis affects the fingers and hands
  • Older people are much more likely to suffer serious injuries from serious accidents
  • Confidence level comes down
  • They are less quick in taking decisions
  • Aging process varies. Some people may be very alert in their 70s, while some at fifty may not be capable of driving
  • Poor reaction time to red lights and signs
  • More timid with regard to fast drivers

Old age can make it difficult to drive. Old people are tired and lethargic, although some maybe otherwise. They are also prone to illnesses. Driving becomes difficult once they are in their 70s.

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