Healthy Marriage Can Protect You From Heart Attack

A healthy marriage means less risk of a heart attack. Less tensions and worries and a smooth relationship keep a person in good cheer. A stress -free life enables you to keep optimum levels of health. Frictions with others cause ill health and can lead to heart attacks. Maintain healthy friendships and have a healthy heart. How is this possible?

How a Healthy Marriage Can Prevent a Heart Attack?

  • Reduced stress levels in a healthy marriage means a healthier heart. Stress is one of the major cause of death in modern life styles and also cause tensions among couples. If stress is removed from the relationship and a harmonious one is maintained, then the chances of heart diseases are less
  • A cheerful disposition also keeps the heart in good condition. A happy relationship in a marriage means a cheerful disposition. Both the partners feel good about each other. This reduces blood pressure and relaxes the mind. A relaxed body and mind means a healthy heart
  • In bad marriage negative memories are more. People are reminded of bad things that occurred in their lives. They recall negative events and fight over it. This aggravated their blood pressure and can lead to a heart attack
  • A bad relationship leads to negative emotions. Couples experience anger, frustration, hatred and feelings that are bad for health. These emotions can trigger off a heart attack if the negative emotions get flared up too much
  • Suppressed emotions are also bad for the heart. At times, a spouse may not express his or her feelings freely. These suppressed emotions can lead to heart attack. A trained relationship often means that the partner may not be truthful and may not express everything
  • Suspicion is bad, In a happy marriage, there is more trust. If the marriage is “on the rocks”, then respective partners are suspicious of one another. Too much suspicion can be stressful, which in turn is bad for health
  • Conflicts and bickering in a bad marriage can cause hormonal changes and chemical changes in the body. This can cause blood clotting, leading to a heart attack
  • In a successful marriage both partners are supportive of each other. This eases out any kind of tensions between them. A relaxed atmosphere prevails. Even children respond positively to this kind of atmosphere in the home
  • A bad marriage can lead to depression, which can also prove to be bad for overall health. A happy coexistence between couples can make them happy

A happy marriage means longevity of life for the couples. Good cheer in a relationship promotes harmony and this keeps the heart healthy. Negative emotions can raise blood pressure levels and cause heart attacks. A successful marriage is the best medicine for a healthy heart.

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