How Hormones Affect Your Love Life?

Hormones influence our health in many ways. If our hormones are functioning properly, then psychologically and physically we keep good health. Our emotions are also dependent upon our hormones. A woman who has a thyroid problem may have erratic hormones, which may cause emotional imbalances in her. Hormones can even affect your love life. How?

How Love Life Is Affected By Hormones?

  • Hormones influence our emotions. We love someone or hate a person because our hormones react that way
  • Any imbalances in hormone can cause erratic behavior. Improper functioning of the thyroid can cause hormonal imbalances. These imbalances can cause mood fluctuations. Often a woman with such a problem may not be interested in sex. She may be indifferent to it. She may get angry and irritated also
  • Just before and after the menstrual cycle a woman is easily sexually aroused. Her hormones are in full force.
  • Sexual desire is less after menopause due to hormonal changes. Mood swings and depression occur during this time. The testosterone, estrogen and progesterone levels fall during menopause
  • Estrogen plays an important role in the youthfulness of a woman. Estrogen and testosterone help a woman be more extroverted and mentally sharp as well as open to new experiences
  • The wedding day should be decided upon the hormonal changes taking place within the bride. At a particular time, her hormones would make her be very enthusiastic about selecting a dress, or wedding hall. Much would depend upon her menstrual cycle. Her hormones would influence her moods, confidence level, energy and the love she has for her “would-be” husband (source: http://www.emaxhealth.com/4/4389.html)
  • As men age there are hormonal changes in their body, which leads to reduced interest in sex. There is a decline in their sex drive. There is a fall in their testosterone levels

Hormonal changes within the body affect your love life. People undergo hormonal therapy to improve their hormonal levels. Sex drive is linked to hormones. Physical changes take place after a certain age and this affects the love life as well.

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