How to Exercise the Aging Brain?

Growing old is an inevitable process and the mind degenerates if you do not keep it “alive”. It has to be oiled and fed well for it to function optimally. The brain needs to be exercised thoroughly in order to keep it active and well geared. The cognitive abilities in the older people deteriorate, as they grow older. Exercise is the best solution. What exercises?

How to Keep the Brain Active?

  • One should learn something new. The quest for additional knowledge helps keep the brain active. One must always try to acquire more knowledge. They should not feel that they are too old to learn. One should read newspapers, watch T.V. etc. Learning is a continuous process
  • Develop hobbies. Immersing oneself in an interesting hobby keeps you on your toes. You will show keen interest in activities outside your daily routine. Mind remains alert
  • Regular exercise helps, like walking, jogging, daily weight lifting repetitions in the gym etc. These improve the muscle functioning, which in turn improves the cognitive functions of the brain. Exercise improves the blood flow to the brain
  • Revive certain mental abilities before they slow down. Exercise perceptions in all the senses like sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell
  • One can play mental games like solving a puzzle, chess etc. They improve the speed and accuracy of the brain
  • Relax the mind as often as you can. This helps you to think clearly and efficiently
  • Think positively. Positive thinking keeps the mind in good shape. A cheerful disposition makes you more happy, which in turn brings in positive thoughts in the mind that sharpen it
  • Honing intellectual skills also sharpens the mind
  • One can indulge oneself in computer games
  • Avoid stress
  • Relaxation exercises are good for the mind. A calm mind is more capable and creative

The ageing brain must be kept active and alive at all times. Even as one grows older, one must not stop exercising the mind. An alert mind is an asset to have at all times.

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